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Found 2 results

  1. I just saw a documentary that mentioned the Andromeda galaxy colliding with ours. It said that it would lead to the creation of a lot of new stars. But when they all go supernova it will lead to a massive increase cosmic radiation in our galaxy. Implying this would be a threat to any life. I also read an article that said, assuming our species survives, we would have to find a way to leave the Milky Way before that happens. Though it didn't quite mention why. And yes I know that this won't happen for billions of years but I still want to know if our galaxy will become some kind of g
  2. I've heard wildly different numbers for how many stars there are in our galaxy. On the low end I head about 100 billion, this was several years ago. Today I read numbers like 200 billion to 400 billion. Whatever the numbers are this doesn't tell the whole story. I know stars in the bulge are packed a lot tighter, than in the spiral arms and the halo. But are the percentages known? What percent of the galaxy's stars are in the bulge? the spiral arms? the halo? Are the majority of the galaxy's stars in the bulge? Does anyone know how many stars are in the arms?
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