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Found 6 results

  1. What would the microbiology of a torus-shaped microorganism look like? Under what circumstances, practical or hypothetical, might such an anatomy be useful, if such a circumstance exists?
  2. Regarding the gelatinous sacs encasing kiwano seeds; biochemically speaking, what are they made of and how are they formed?
  3. What precisely is the role of guanine quadruplexes in microbiology? It's been described to me that its purpose is to prevent the misfolding of proteins, but I've yet to find a source that describes how this happens.
  4. In euglenophytes; firstly, by what mechanism is the water expelled from the contractile vacuole directed into the flagellum reservoir? Secondly, by what mechanism does the eyespot effect the cytoskeleton and, by extent, flagellum, to propel the cell towards light?
  5. In the beginning of interphase, does DNA replicate before the centriole multiplies, or vice versa? How does the centriole multiply before cytokinesis?Furthermore, when the nucleoplasm dissolves into the endoplasm and the centrioles polarize, what specifically happens to the cytoskeleton, and how does it effect the location of organelles?
  6. I have a science fair (first one I’m going to) for school and I need to come up with an experiment. 1. Mark agar plate in 2 halves. Swab agar plate with E. Coli bacteria. Rotate and swab 2 more times. 2.Use an index card and cover half of the plate. 3. Place under uv lights for 30 seconds. 4. Incubate overnight. 5. Check the next day for any remaining bacteria colonies 6.Use cotton swab and swab one colony of bacteria over another half of a new agar plate. 7. Repeat all previous steps 5 times. This is just a rough draft if a procedure but do you guys think this will be any good or show an
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