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Found 3 results

  1. At the heart of the Israeli leftist idea is the proverb «Do not be fair, be smart.» Say, make concessions to the enemy in exchange for peace. These days, attempts are being made to revive the power of the left minority over the people of Israel. They are talking about the same coalition that a quarter of a century ago adopted and tried to implement the Oslo Accords. As we know, all attempts to implement or revive these agreements failed miserably. The Oslo Process did not lead to peace, but undermined the security of the people of Israel. Instead of “peace in exchange for territory
  2. In the course of last 30 years there were few attempts of Israeli-Palestinian solution and one not so realistic proposal that failed. For example, Shamir government tried Jordan-Palestinian option (1990), then Rabin and Peres signed and tried to perform Oslo accords, then Ehud Barak tried to appease Palestinians with the help of Bill Clinton, then Ariel Sharon, Ehud Olmert and Tzipi Livni performed one-sided «disengagement» from Gaza and tried to appease Palestinians with the help of George Bush, then John Kerry tried to get both sides to compromise. The Palestinians eat Israeli concession
  3. In order to explain the issue, I will use a left-wing Marxist analysis. Karl Marx was the son of a respected clerk in court. Vladimir Lenin was the son of a high-ranking official in the education system of Tsarist regime. Hitler was the son of a border control official of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Unlike their parents, all three ideologues did not make careers as clerks, each because of his own circumstances. And what is the social status of the clerks, who have not caught a job in the system? They become lumpens-intelligent, people without employment and without a livelihood, but educated,
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