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Found 3 results

  1. PDF file: 20200726WaveCurvatures.pdf I have made some adjustments to the theory, as I found the strain equations in my last set of equations to not match between energy of particles and their gravitational curvature leak. I've fixed them in the equations in this pdf file. I'll write out the equations over the next few days, but they can be found in the above pdf file.
  2. Hello, I have constructed another theory and stems from Einsteins curvature ideas. But instead of gravitation it is the strong force. Like a super gravitation. Also I attempted to define a quantum gravitation that works off of the same mechanism. And I have described the fine-structure using the theory's equations which might suggest how the elementary charge and mass of the wavelength are connected. I believe these equations may unify the forces. Here is the pdf file: Removed file. Thanks, Devin
  3. A rough sketch, details are here: http://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.801423 Ψ( r ) = exp(-(β/(2r3)) is the approximate solution of (ħc α)2 (r 4πε/ e2) d2Ψ/dr2 - β/2 r-3 dΨ/dr + β/2 r-4 Ψ = 0 Ψ will be used as kind of probability amplitude for the electromagnetic field. The integrals ∫ Ψ2 r-(m+1) dr ≈ Γ(m/3, β/r3) β(-m/3) / 3 ( Γ => Gamma function) may be used for: I point charge: Wpc = ε ∫ E2 Ψ2 d3r II photon: Wph = hc / (∫ Ψ2 dr) The product of the integrals in I+II (energy conservation) gives: Fine-structure constant, α-1 = 4π Γ(+1/3) |Γ(-1/3)| Their ratio gives quantized particle en
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