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Found 3 results

  1. I remember well the ban on nationalism in the USSR. Today, Western globalists are following the same Bolshevik path. They are trying to morally and practically ban nationalism. The globalist approach threatens the very existence of all nations. The most striking characteristic of globalism is its anti-democratic method of seizing world domination. Nobody voted for the owners of Facebook, Microsoft or other corporations. The populist intrigues of Soros were not anticipated and were not confirmed by popular vote. Until now, democracy exists only in nation states. The efforts of globalists to
  2. Genetic science gives opportunity to resolve many old puzzles, including the origin of the Jews. I have reminiscence from the USSR ban on genetic studies. Modern Western globalists go along the same Bolshevik path. They try to ban nationalism at all, including genetic science. Practically, globalist approach threatens the very existence of the nations. World Caliphate means Islamist globalism. Muhammad claimed, that Muslims must abandon their blood relatives to join Muslim community. «Islamic Ummah» should replace nations. Muhammad worshiped Moses but attacked Jews… Wherefore? At a glance
  3. Anti-Semitism does exist, but not because of the Jews. It exists because of anti-Semites. Anti-Semitism continues to exist even where no more Jews remained, for example in Poland. Moreover, the anti-Semitism exists today where the Jews never lived, for example, in Japan and in most of the «third world» countries. To develop this strange phenomenon and to bring at least some kind of logical basis under it, the anti-Semites replaced the ”traditional” anti-Semitism by the so-called “new anti-Semitism,” that is, anti-Zionism. The state of Israel was appointed by the anti-Semites to the cent
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