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Found 4 results

  1. What precisely is the role of guanine quadruplexes in microbiology? It's been described to me that its purpose is to prevent the misfolding of proteins, but I've yet to find a source that describes how this happens.
  2. It's my understanding that through the process of class switch recombination, loci fragments are lost in the plasma cell's genome. Does this mean that reversion to a prior isotype cannot be achieved and that isotype switching is always a linear progression within the differentiated cell? "While class switch recombination is mostly a deletional process, rearranging a chromosome in "cis", it can also occur (in 10 to 20% of cases, depending upon the Ig class) as an inter-chromosomal translocation mixing immunoglobulin heavy chain genes from both alleles." (https://www.wikiwand.com/en/Immunoglob
  3. It’s safe to say that most people – not just the (wo)man in the street but also biologists – work on the assumption that genetics explains what we are, or at least our bodies. There is, of course, a nature-nurture debate concerning many of our mental functions. Clearly, genetics doesn’t explain which language we speak. And there’s a thing called epigenetics: the influence of our environment on how we develop. If you eat too much you get fat, work out in the gym and your muscles grow. But the fact that we’ve got two arms and two legs, a heart that beats, eyes that see – that’s all genetics, rig
  4. Ever wonder why the theory of evolution is such a controversial topic? Do some people simply refuse to admit evolution is a fact? But how can anyone not admit to a concept if it's been proven? Or has it? Why is it that you never hear anyone denying Mars exists? How come no one ever claims there are no rings around Saturn? Why doesn't anyone ever deny the North Pole exists? That's because there is such an abundance of clear evidence that Mars, the rings around Saturn and the North Pole exist that attempting to contradict these facts would be sheer lunacy. And therein lies the problem with evo
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