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Found 4 results

  1. When a body moves through space filled with air, then higher pressure is created in front of it, while lower pressure (depressure) behind it. The higher pressure is PLUS, the lower pressure is MINUS. I use to call this a ‘principle of an arrow’ (− >—> +) (click on the images for a bigger view). The greater the velocity of the body is, the stronger is the plus in front of it as well as the minus behind it. This principle can be found in many things, among others also in the so-called “Bernoulli’s principle”. What is “Bernoulli’s principle” in its basic form? The picture below shows it.
  2. Hello, I've been struggling with a school project for some time now. I need to find out the speed at wich a tank is draining to make a model out of it (in simulink). The model will show a x-t graph, x being the height of the water in the tank. The flow is laminar, but the lenght of the exittube is significant enough to enduce friciton. A basic model that i made can already account for the diameter of the exittube, but not yet for it's lenght (and thus friction). When i tried implementing formulas for head loss the model didn't work as i had hoped. I think i might be using the wrong (combinat
  3. Hello Everyone, I was hoping that someone could help me with a science question. Is it feasible to use tubes of Ionic Fluid to replace standard metal wiring? If so, would it transfer the electrical? Would this charge be less or more efficient to a normal metal cable and by how much? Knowing all of this, would it be plausible to create a Tesla Coil that is primarily composed of tubing filled with an Ionic Fluid in place of the copper cable/wire? Would it still create a decent voltage, and how would it compare to the original fully metal design? Can't wait to hear everyone thoughts on the
  4. The Bernoulli 's principle is explained in this video, it's used in the most diverse range of applications ,from the simple spray mechanism of perfume to the lift in an airplane's wings . In this video both the Bernoulli 's principle and equation are explained , this is made without using much technical terms to make the video accessible to any curious out there . The purpose of my channel is to make physics fun and enjoyable , if you like to learn new stuff , visit my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2avWDLN1EI3r1RZ_dlSxCw Facebook page : https://www.faceboo
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