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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, There is a YouTube video that suppose to show a scientific experiment with a helicopter that proves that the earth is not flat. The experiment shows that the helicopter is vanish when it goes under the horizon which is something that cannot occur on the flat earth: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QVa2UmgdTM4 It looks very impressive, but someone in another YouTube channel noticed something very strange... in two different parts of this video you see the helicopter once when it is under the horizon, and once when its above it, but the frame and the background is exactly the s
  2. I have a science fair (first one I’m going to) for school and I need to come up with an experiment. 1. Mark agar plate in 2 halves. Swab agar plate with E. Coli bacteria. Rotate and swab 2 more times. 2.Use an index card and cover half of the plate. 3. Place under uv lights for 30 seconds. 4. Incubate overnight. 5. Check the next day for any remaining bacteria colonies 6.Use cotton swab and swab one colony of bacteria over another half of a new agar plate. 7. Repeat all previous steps 5 times. This is just a rough draft if a procedure but do you guys think this will be any good or show an
  3. Classical #physics predicts weight (W) should NOT change at increasing temperature (T) in vacuum. Relativistic #physics predicts W should INCREASE at increasing T in vacuum. My theory predicts W should DECREASE at increasing T in vacuum and can be found here yaniv-stern.webnode.com. W reduction at increasing T in vacuum disproves conservation of mass and most of the rest of #physics. Over the past ten years I contacted thousands of scientists to weigh a heated metal in vacuum and publish the results. I did Not get the results of the experiment. #ResultsRequired
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