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Found 4 results

  1. If incoherent time gets more and more coherent as it travels away from a black hole, does it mean dark matter cannot use coherent time? Anything physical in this reality apparently requires incoherent time/entropy. A black hole is what generates entropy that shreds up time waves to be incoherent. Golden ratio * X²⁺ⁿ / Pi Coherent light doesn’t cause particles to decohere ..so Coherent time doesn’t either. spatial (holographic) + incoherent or coherent time = the spacetime fabric Maxwell might show me how to make a coherent time field that has incoherent waves propagating in i
  2. Hello, I do not have any scientific education and I am far away from understanding relativity, quantum mechanics and such. I am just wondering about entropy, causality and if we could reverse these in a thought experiment without violating the physical laws of the "universe". Is it possible to look at the "universe" disregarding our perception of the arrow of time and assume that entropy, causality, laws of thermodynamics are relative without violating the laws of physics? Could we assume that the laws of nature such as entropy and causality are reversed? Eg. the arrow of time is relative a
  3. In this video I make an approach to what is entropy and the second law of thermodynamics. You might think that entropy is just an abstract concept born from math and without any physical meaning, but in reality is something quite simple to grasp that has a big role in our mundane lifes. Entropy is the reason we can't make perpetual machines, entropy is the origin of all inefficiencies and mother to all wastes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w3pq5ZuC8X4
  4. Show why the change in entropy for the system is positive when ice melts and cools water? please provide detailed explanation and graph. Thanks
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