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Found 7 results

  1. Einstein's special theory of relativity is mathematically wrong but we find the effect of relativity is true i.e. time slow down due to velocity of frame or mass increases due to motion. This paper gives reason for that. This happen due to property of subspace as explain in chapter 3. This paper proves that Special theory of relativity is mathematically wrong. Effect of special theory of relativity is true in one direction that is due to the property of subspace as given in chapter 3. Space & vacuum are different. This concept solves the problem of dark matter, dark energy & big bang.
  2. This is the topic that is outside the bounds of standard science: it contains interesting and supported views based on Rational analysis and requires the use of deductive Logic. No wishy washy Math is required. Anyone is invited to add to this collection, its already quite big, but I've not posted what I've found so far. Relativists will have nothing new to contribute, their position is well understood, but rejected on the grounds that its all irrational nonsense.
  3. This paper proves that Inertial frame of reference concept of Newton is wrong because that gives different result of same event & require some modification(chapter 1) & Einstein Special theory of relativity is also wrong because when object & observer move in different directions then relative mathematics gives some wrong results as applied force is different than acting force & direction of acceleration & force are different (chapter 1). I have proposed that space is different than vacuum & create a frame of reference. This solve the problem of dark energy (a
  4. This theory give answer to many problems of physics like 1) Dark matter. 2) Accelerated expansion of world. 3) Dual nature of particle & wave. 4) Why matter is much more than anti-matter in world? 5) Theory beyond standard model of particle physics. 6) What is the space? etc etc http://vixra.org/abs/1903.0178
  5. The deeper you look into Special and General Relativity, the clearer you see that it's just one twisted mass of error. There's literately nothing that can be salvaged from the hypothesis. So where does that leave other branches of modern Science that are using these failed theories as a basis? Such as in Cosmology, we have deduced that the universe began from a Big Bang, but without Einstein's GR this would not be the assumption. Same with LIGO trying to detect "gravitational waves", this can't be what they were looking at, as there is no such thing as a "fabric of time-space". I
  6. Classical #physics predicts weight (W) should NOT change at increasing temperature (T) in vacuum. Relativistic #physics predicts W should INCREASE at increasing T in vacuum. My theory predicts W should DECREASE at increasing T in vacuum and can be found here yaniv-stern.webnode.com. W reduction at increasing T in vacuum disproves conservation of mass and most of the rest of #physics. Over the past ten years I contacted thousands of scientists to weigh a heated metal in vacuum and publish the results. I did Not get the results of the experiment. #ResultsRequired
  7. Here are my three docs where you can download and read. Article 1&2 Article 3 Article 4
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