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Found 3 results

  1. The reason we can see quantum objects after decoherence is because the object becomes describable by real numbers with real number measurement. The object doesn’t change at all, only the view of it. Uncertainty goes from infinite to something real numbers can handle. Uncertainty is getting a real number for position and momentum. Decoherence is when Uncertainty is neutralized. An unobserved particle will go back and forth between defined complex position and momentum infinitely until decoherence. Anything with infinite uncertainty is complex ..including black holes.
  2. Gravity is the missing link between QM and GR. Matter Waves do not have gravity, do not age, and are not physical. Spacetime(gravity/age/physicality/local/phase velocity) is assigned via decoherence. The quantum/classical boundary is the mass of 0.3 micrometers because gravity can't be automatically assigned below that (objects above this line are automatically decohered) and because that is the width it takes light to travel in one femtosecond. 0.3 micrometers isn't a unit of mass, but it is the width an object would be that has the right amount of mass. Duality at the same instance is not
  3. Why are only unobserved particles allowed to partake in quantum weirdness events? || (deathtopenguin5) You are using "unobserved particle" in a weird way. All particles are unobserved, we can measure certain properties of a system/particle (i.e.wavefunction) by performing a measurement. I would say all particles are observed. Because saying "particle" means physicality is involved. || "physicality"? I guess you mean something like macroscopic, or classical? Hmm, I could use "classical", but I think that would imply duality is at
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