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Found 6 results

  1. Black Holes Explained - 5 Ways To Know They Exist Black holes are one of the most mysterious objects we have ever discovered. They cannot directly be observed with our current technology. Then, how do we know that they exist? Here are 5 ways to discover the existence of a black hole. WARNING: The explanation is very simple and easy to understand..
  2. Singularities – otherwise called dark gaps – are ground-breaking to such an extent that even light can't get away from their grip. In any case, what happens when a dark opening meets something considerably more grounded, similar to a wormhole? We realize a dark opening would win in a battle against Godzilla, Earth's yellow sun, and even the whole Milky Way. Be that as it may, a wormhole? That is a difficult task. Certainly, wormholes are just theoretical so they're off guard against dark gaps – which we've really watched. Anyway that may be the dark gap's just bit of leeway. Where a
  3. A black hole is a coherent math object that is rotating. It is math that causes a problem for the virtual fabric of spacetime. They are just another cyclical event and as such follows the bifurcation diagram that sits at the core of math. Black holes are allowed to happen because it is the way math operates. It's an object that is only math, it isn't using the spatial dimension. It represents the side of QM physicist refuse to think about. A black hole likely has a reverse bifurcation diagram going down to a singularly starting under 3.
  4. Hear me out. Dark Matter halos are know to be around all galaxies. I propose that there is a limit to the size a black hole can get before it explodes and generates a galaxy with its guts. Dark Matter is the outer shell and gets tossed the furthest from the center.
  5. I have constructed a theory that may be interesting to some readers. The units all check out and the values equation to within .1%. The theory basically states that Einstein left some unfinished work to be performed. Namely the cosmological constant defines a black hole. Therefore I have theorized everything surrounding that concept and find validity and relationships to particle nature (the electron and proton, neutron, neutrino even (not included yet)) I can accurately calculate the Cosmic microwave background CMB temperature and relate it to the cosmological constant equation thru elect
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