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Found 8 results

  1. Regarding the gelatinous sacs encasing kiwano seeds; biochemically speaking, what are they made of and how are they formed?
  2. A few minutes ago I had cleaned out a pot used for cheese sauce. When the time had come to clean the cheese residue off of the kitchen sponge, I noticed something strange; a thick layer of the residue would not come off. Upon closer inspection, I realized that the cheese appeared to have crystallized on the kitchen sponge. It doesn't seem to be a stretch to hypothesize that bacteria were responsible, although it is unusual that this happened to quickly. By what known mechanisms might a thing such as this happen?
  3. What specifically are the biochemical processes responsible for Stendhal syndrome?
  4. What specifically is the role of linamarin (aka phaseolutein) in the growth and development of cassava, biochemically speaking?
  5. What precisely is the role of guanine quadruplexes in microbiology? It's been described to me that its purpose is to prevent the misfolding of proteins, but I've yet to find a source that describes how this happens.
  6. A repost, since the last one seems to have been destroyed throughout the site's format change. The question is: biochemically speaking, how much bromelain should one take per 100 grams of protein and why?
  7. Wasn't sure if this was better suited to the physics forum or biology forum, but I feel like it applies more to biology. A query commonly posed amidst my thoughts is what would happen should, by any means possible, exotic matter such as hypernuclei be present in one's gene structure. Would the presence of strange quarks alter gene transcription in any manner? Would gene transcription even be possible? Or would there be effectively no difference in the biochemistry whatsoever? What are your thoughts?
  8. What type of reaction occurs when the keto isomer of indoxyl reacts with O2 to form Indigo? Addition, Substitution, Oxidation, or Reduction? Aren't the hydrogens being removed from indoxyl, forming H2O and making this an Oxidation reaction?
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