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Found 4 results

  1. Our minister for strategic issues, Yuval Steinitz, warns that we must get ready for massive rocket attacks on Israel. It turns out that the one thousand rockets that the Palestinians have already fired at Israel are simply flowers, while the berries are waiting for us ahead. This time, the Iranian ayatollahs and their poodles, that is, Hamas, Nasrallah and Assad, threaten us. Russia stands behind them. And why are we threatened at all? Because of the fact that the Iranians provoke a war in the Persian Gulf against the United States and their Arab allies? In fact, they are blackmai
  2. Anti-Semitism is the kind of xenophobia which targets specifically Jews. The “advantage” of anti-Semitism compared to other xenophobic varieties is that the “object” (Jews) are not able to harm anti-Semites, and therefore are very convenient for all types of aggression: defamation, pogroms, “silent” domestic persecution, formal and informal discrimination, and finally genocide. Almost all crimes against the Jews go unpunished. I have an exact answer to the question of why anti-Semites do hate the Jews: just because they want to hate. Often it is beneficial. To kill and rob a fraer, you ha
  3. ANTI-SEMITE MAHMOUD ABBAS AND DESTRUCTION OF ISRAEL http://aaronblog.co/2018/05/anti-semite-mahmoud-abbas-and-destruction-of-israel/ The international community expressed its disapproval of the anti-Semitic statement of Mahmoud Abbas about the Holocaust. Well, Abbas just repeated Hitler’s main accusation against Jews, that the Jewish parasites exploit the whole world, and therefore Jews must be destroyed. That is, Abbas justified the Holocaust of Jews on the same basis as Hitler. But, this accusation of parasitism, by the way, clearly cannot be attributed to Israel. Unlike the Palestin
  4. Unfortunately, antisemitism pursues Me along all My life. I had no Grandfathers, Grandmothers, uncles, aunts etc, since they perished in the Holocaust. Starting from kindergarten, I heard how I’m bad, despite of, sincerely, I had no bad intentions. The open discrimination in the school, high school and work was instant. Many Jews I knew hided their ethnicity, changed Jewish names to «neutral». Sometimes, I discovered people’s Jewishness in the course of funeral or other occasion. However, in the course of My last years in the USSR I felt solidarity from My intelligent co-workers. My views a
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