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Found 5 results

  1. Years ago I sought to get an understanding of quantum mechanics and I found this documentary: Nova, quantum mechanics And it says that "energy is quantized" at 11:40. And to illustrate this point the image on the screen splits into lots of uniform cubes. This led me to conclude that everything is made of indivisible, uniform pieces. Like any image on this pixelated screen. No only because of they way they showed it but because they said that quantum mechanics governs the things that everything is made of. Also they said energy is quantized and some other sources have said that e
  2. Forgive me if my reasoning is based on flawed logic and information. I am no physics expert. As I understand it when light strikes an object the energy of the photons is absorbed by the atoms that make up the object. An atom's electrons can only orbit its nucleus at one level or another, nothing in between. When the atom absorbs the photon, the electrons jump up another level before going back down again. When this happens a new photon is emitted by the atom, it's energy dictated by the level the electron fell. Once this photon enters the eye we perceive it as a color prepending on how much e
  3. Whether it's Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling or Nicole Kidman, tonight's Oscar winners could alternatively say that people who don't want Mondays to exist should refuse to talk about science and the universe. Do you think any of these actors should say these things, or do you think they would?
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