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Found 9 results

  1. To finally find the right path to peace, we must first understand the real situation around Israel. The Jewish-Palestinian conflict, as it turned out, concerns not only us and the Palestinians. For some reason, everyone considers themselves entitled to intervene in our affairs and dictate rules of conduct, and even question our right to defend ourselves against aggression. The cause, apparently, is that anti-Semites forcibly dragged the Jewish state into their eternal conflict with the Jews. The conflict between Jews and anti-Semites is extremely unbalanced. The correlation of forces is appr
  2. http://aaronblog.co/2019/02/anti-semitism/ I discuss anti-Semitism because it not only bothers about trivialities, but also sets the stage for genocide. Hitler was based on his predecessors, anti-Semites, including Russian anti-Semites (Protocols of the Elders of Zion). We cannot discuss politics, ideas and leaders, while ignoring anti-Semitism, since it underlies the main world religions / ideologies. The Jews killed Jesus, Muhammad killed the Jews, the Nazis made anti-Semitism the core of their “idea”, the CPSU declared Zionism the main evil of the World, while modern Western humanists d
  3. It is generally believed that the only alternative to the “two states for two nations” is a bi-national Jewish-Palestinian state. It is desirable that a Jewish majority remain in such a state, and for this, Gaza must become a separate independent state. This opinion is held today by the US Democratic Party, as announced Nancy Pelosi. If Trump puts forward just such a plan, then he is just a realist. Twice two = four, not more or less. If there is no Palestine, so let’s give Israeli citizenship, equal civil and social rights to all Arabs living in the West Bank, and give them freedom of movemen
  4. Anti-Semitism is the kind of xenophobia which targets specifically Jews. The “advantage” of anti-Semitism compared to other xenophobic varieties is that the “object” (Jews) are not able to harm anti-Semites, and therefore are very convenient for all types of aggression: defamation, pogroms, “silent” domestic persecution, formal and informal discrimination, and finally genocide. Almost all crimes against the Jews go unpunished. I have an exact answer to the question of why anti-Semites do hate the Jews: just because they want to hate. Often it is beneficial. To kill and rob a fraer, you ha
  5. Let’s realize, rude Palestinian antisemitic propaganda only confirms our conviction, that we Israelis must resist antisemitic hordes, including Iran, Hizbullah and Palestine. Palestinian antisemitic theater is designed to give pretext to the new Holocaust. We will resist all Palestinian theatrical tricks, rockets, terror actions, Iran-Hizbullah rockets and Syrian chemistry. We continue to build a strong army, and we will continue to occupy our Palestinian antisemitic neighbors until they wage war to annihilate us. 1920 Nebi Mussa pogrom will never repeat. We’ll fight off the New Holocaust atte
  6. The need of the shelter for the Jewish people was obvious for at least 2.000 years. But let alone old stories, numerous expulsions, legal discrimination, blood and plague labels, habitual murder and robbery of the Jews. Let’s focus on the last 150 years of the Jewish history. Russian antisemitism culminated in the government-inspired pogroms, prohibition of the professions and the “Pale of Settlement”, which were the prototype of South African apartheid. Russian, Polish, Rumanian, Hungarian etc anti-Semitic policies pushed Jewish youth to the revolutionary underground. We learn from Bolshevi
  7. No, the forum was convened in order to resist anti-Semitism. The entrance to Jerusalem congress center was flaunted the name «The Sixth World Forum For Combatting Anti-Semitism». And yet the title of my article is not accidental, it reflects what was actually being said. I participated in this forum, and I’ll justify my assessment. I divide all participants in the forum into three large groups. First, thre are non-Jewish forum participants, for example, the Regional Director for Facebook Policy for Southern Europe Dolphin Reyer, former UNESCO Secretary-General Irina Bokova, liberal Muslim
  8. THE JEWISH STATE If Herzl managed to implement his idea of Jewish colonization of Uganda, then the Jewish state, most likely, would not exist at all. Simply because the peoples that inhabit Uganda are quite numerous, and the way to Uganda is long. I do not think that Jews, settled in Uganda, would arrange an apartheid regime, similar to the South African one. The state In Uganda would be bi-national at best, and there we would be guaranteed the fate of foreign aliens and the national minority. The Zionists, who opposed Herzl’s idea of colonizing Uganda, were prudent. And even if the Je
  9. In order to explain the issue, I will use a left-wing Marxist analysis. Karl Marx was the son of a respected clerk in court. Vladimir Lenin was the son of a high-ranking official in the education system of Tsarist regime. Hitler was the son of a border control official of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Unlike their parents, all three ideologues did not make careers as clerks, each because of his own circumstances. And what is the social status of the clerks, who have not caught a job in the system? They become lumpens-intelligent, people without employment and without a livelihood, but educated,
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