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Found 11 results

  1. http://aaronblog.co/2020/03/ethnic-cleansing-of-palestine/ ETHNIC CLEANSING OF PALESTINE AND OF ISRAEL The entire Arab world, from the Maghreb to Baghdad, plus Kurds, Bosnians, Berbers, and other non-Arabs, appear in the pedigree of the Palestinians. It is no coincidence that until the 60s, the Palestinians did not want to separate themselves from other Arabs. And indeed, the Palestinians are the descendants of various conquerors (not necessarily Arab, there were also Tatar-Mongols, Khorezmians, Mamelukes of Caucasian origin, etc). And immigrants from Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt, the Maghreb
  2. «All versions of Zionism, including The Forward’s liberal sort, lead to the same reactionary end of unbridled expansionism and continued settler colonial genocide of Palestinian people. Zionism has always been a white supremacist, settler colonialist, anti-democratic, right-wing ideology, which has demanded a loyalty based on nationalist racism. Zionists of all sorts, including of the liberal kind, have collaborated with anti-Semitic forces towards a mutual goal of global apartheid, often at the expense of Jews who live outside Israel.» Well, that is what the Left declares against Zionism.
  3. ISRAEL: BOTH JEWISH AND BI-NATIONAL STATE The new Israel’s Nation Act is actually the «Declaration of the Independence of the Jewish People». By this law, the Knesset of Israel announced that the Jewish people have the right to an independent state, and this state is Israel. The revival of Jewish unity on the basis of Zionism is a political and strategic necessity, and from this point of view the Law on the Nation is necessary. It is highly important to improve the relations between Israel and the Jews of dispersion, to establish Israel’s relations with Arab neighbors and with the minorities i
  4. Zionism is anti-racist belief, by definition. We rebelled against racist antisemitism of Hitler. Here in Israel came Jews of all possible races, from Europeans to Ethiopians (blacks). Israeli Arabs seem quite medium among bitty Jews. In our everyday life Jews and Arabs communicate quite friendly. All You see through media reports is staged. Palestine is one giant theater. They delude entire World, and get money for their performance. The World must learn coexistence from Israelis. Israel was forced to build the Protective Fence because of Palestinian terror. Before fence was emerged, the Pa
  5. Anti-Semitism does exist, but not because of the Jews. It exists because of anti-Semites. Anti-Semitism continues to exist even where no more Jews remained, for example in Poland. Moreover, the anti-Semitism exists today where the Jews never lived, for example, in Japan and in most of the «third world» countries. To develop this strange phenomenon and to bring at least some kind of logical basis under it, the anti-Semites replaced the ”traditional” anti-Semitism by the so-called “new anti-Semitism,” that is, anti-Zionism. The state of Israel was appointed by the anti-Semites to the cent
  6. THE PARAGRAPHS OF THE LAW ON THE NATION «Basic Law: Israel as the Nation State of the Jewish People 1 — Basic principles The land of Israel is the historical homeland of the Jewish people, in which the State of Israel was established. The State of Israel is the national home of the Jewish people, in which it fulfills its natural, cultural, religious and historical right to self-determination. The right to exercise national self-determination in the State of Israel is unique to the Jewish people. 2 — The symbols of the state The name of the state is “Israel.” The state flag is wh
  7. Over the past hundred years, the Palestinians have tried to destroy the Jews, with their own force or with someone else’s hands, nine times: At the beginning of the 20th century, the Palestinians hoped to destroy the Palestinian Jews by the hands of the Turks. It is believed that only the patronage of Germany saved the Jews from massacres, similar to those that the Turks organized to Armenians and Greeks. Instead, the Turks have expelled about a third of the then-time Jewish population from Palestine. Tel Aviv Mayor Dizengoff was imprisoned, despite the fact that in 1914 he publicly called
  8. ANTI-SEMITE MAHMOUD ABBAS AND DESTRUCTION OF ISRAEL http://aaronblog.co/2018/05/anti-semite-mahmoud-abbas-and-destruction-of-israel/ The international community expressed its disapproval of the anti-Semitic statement of Mahmoud Abbas about the Holocaust. Well, Abbas just repeated Hitler’s main accusation against Jews, that the Jewish parasites exploit the whole world, and therefore Jews must be destroyed. That is, Abbas justified the Holocaust of Jews on the same basis as Hitler. But, this accusation of parasitism, by the way, clearly cannot be attributed to Israel. Unlike the Palestin
  9. Let’s realize, rude Palestinian antisemitic propaganda only confirms our conviction, that we Israelis must resist antisemitic hordes, including Iran, Hizbullah and Palestine. Palestinian antisemitic theater is designed to give pretext to the new Holocaust. We will resist all Palestinian theatrical tricks, rockets, terror actions, Iran-Hizbullah rockets and Syrian chemistry. We continue to build a strong army, and we will continue to occupy our Palestinian antisemitic neighbors until they wage war to annihilate us. 1920 Nebi Mussa pogrom will never repeat. We’ll fight off the New Holocaust atte
  10. AHED TAMIMI 1.No, I will not resent once again why this not-too-honest girl is building her career due to fabricating anti-Semitic lies. And that her dirty work makes a big contribution to the income of her family. «Fried» anti-Semitic fabrications are in great demand among the media of all sorts, and particularly among anti-Semitic politicians like the Islamic Nazi Erdogan. The latter invited the girl and praised her in front of the TV cameras. Ahed Tamimi differs from many other Palestinian youngsters only since she is a more talented artist than other Palestinian children. Her blon
  11. ANTI-ZIONISM IN PALESTINE Let’s look how grounded are claims of the Palestinians and of all other anti-Zionists. They argue that Jews (especially Ashkenazi) are European colonizers, aggressive aliens who drove out or enslaved the unfortunate Palestinian natives. But looking throughout history, everything is just opposite. The Palestinians are the heirs of the conquerors, the colonists who expelled or destroyed the Jews in Palestine, and prevented their return to their country. Not in biblical times only (2,000 years ago), but also later Jews constituted an appreciable part of Palestine popul
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