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Found 5 results

  1. Hi guys... Even as a child I always dreamed of entering a world full of virtual reality where each of us could have the world who want and where want to live, all he needs only to choose the game or suitable server to him, then after seeing Sword Art Online I started to want this technology and I think that with the current technological development we could already start working on this project and that in a few years we may already have our nervegear, indeed I am convinced that within a maximum of 10 years we would have this technology, now we get to the point I created this thread because
  2. Hey, my name (at least on this forum) is Panther. I see a lot of "full dive" discussion here (I mean, it is the full dive section) and I wanted to share some of my ideas in an organized format that you can add to. I'm going to be assembling a group of my really smart friends (I'm smart too) to help with this, but you can also help out if you have skype, are qualified, and can collaborate. You can be anything from an ambitious SAO watcher to a neurosurgeon to be "qualified." Anyways, let's start on the organized ideas. The Goal Ok, so the goal in the end will include: -Sight -Audio -Speech -
  3. Hello all: I am researching the topic listed above. This topic is concerning creating a system that will not only let us see a "seamless" virtual world, but experience the feelings related to what happens in that environment as if our body were actually there. Hence, I want to pose a few questions. If you have a remark regarding the topic please do so by posting on this thread and leaving your ideas and opinions. (Do not merely claim yes, this is possible/no, it isn't possible, please. I want reasons and facts, not excuses.) The first question is about the ethical soundness of such a devic
  4. First, let me state that this topic is carried out under the assumption that our bodies respond to a full-dive as though we are in stages 3 & 4 of deep sleep, otherwise known as REM, in both short-term and long-term use. That being said, if anyone has anything else to add, whether they concur with what I say or have input based on our bodies responding in a different manner, please feel free to contribute. Most of the references I will be making come from the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, with any other sources being listed as needed. As most know, sleep is
  5. So I saw mention in a few of the sub topics of social interaction in VR and figured I would make a topic about it. Some of my questions on the matter are as follows: - How do you think social interaction will change with the implementation (and adaptation) of FD technology - In what ways will this tech potentially improve or worsen peoples' current social interaction skills both in and out of VR - In what ways would the FDVR tech allow for social interaction, meaning what are some of the mediums you believe would be added for this purpose - Can/ should social media be adapted for use in this
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