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Found 10 results

  1. If we change the head of government, then for better, and not for worse. Lapigantz do not just have the necessary experience. Gantz failed to fulfill his duties as chief of staff. Our army is not prepared for battles with well-armed and well-trained terrorists. Our infantry does not have equivalent weapons to win the battles with terrorists and is not prepared for battles in the city and on very rough terrain. In such circumstances, tanks and planes do not give an advantage. In addition, the UN banned us from using heavy weapons in overpopulated Gaza. These facts appeared in 2006 in Lebanon
  2. RECOGNITION OF SETTLEMENTS IS BASED ON JUSTICE For the past two years, I seek to explain to readers the simple truth that, by creating Jewish settlements in the West Bank, Israel did not violate any international or local laws (see my article “Jewish settlements are legal” on this blog). How actually, are based the allegations of anti-Semites about supposed illegality of Jewish settlements, the demands to destroy these settlements, and the sanctions imposed by the European Union against the state of Israel and the Jewish population of the West Bank? The only legal “justificat
  3. The State of Palestine was founded in 1993. Just Israel, not Arabs, laid the foundation of the Palestinian state, after Oslo agreements. By trying to annihilate Israel, the Palestinians undermined the peace process, so thwarting the creation of their own state. The pathetic position of the Palestinian Cause is due to Palestinian aggressiveness, but much more due to support from the «friends of Palestine», anti-Semites, that incite Palestinians to seek genocide of the Jews. American Democratic presidential hopeful candidate that proposes «to punish» Israel, revives Palestinian hope for the
  4. HOW TO AVOID THE GREAT WAR IN THE MIDDLE EAST THREATENING TO GROW INTO A WORLD WAR? The ayatollahs take risky provocative steps, with the purpose to draw the US into a direct war against Iran. For example, they attacked tankers and intercepted the American drone in international waters. Why do they provoke a direct clash with US forces? Maybe the ayatollahs want to draw their only ally Putin into the war with the USA? But this will mean a world war! Why do the Ayatollahs want such a war? It seems that the US sanctions are really threatening the Ayatollahs’ power, and a wounded beas
  5. Over the past 30 years, several attempts have been made to an Israeli-Arab settlement. So, the government of Yitzhak Shamir took part in the Madrid Conference in 1991 and tried to resolve differences with the Arabs on the basis of the Jordan-Palestinian version of the solution of the Palestinian issue. At the request of Shamir, the PLO delegation was included in the joint Jordanian-Palestinian delegation. In fact, the Jordanian-Palestinian solution was proposed by Lord Peel’s commission back in 1937, and a moderate Palestinian party, headed by the Nashashibi family, agreed to such
  6. DESTRUCTION OF ISRAEL OR DESTRUCTION OF IRAN? After the decisive step of Trump and his demands laid before the ayatollahs, voices are heard, that it is necessary to help Iran, since the defeat of the ayatollah regime will lead to the disintegration of the Iranian state and to instability in the Middle East. Say, anti-Semitic rhetoric is needed in order to keep Iran’s unity (what is true). Just as the war against Israel was necessary for the Assad regime to keep the unity of Syria. And Erdogan needs anti-Semitic rhetoric to win elections. And Hitler needed this same rhetoric to seize powe
  7. 1.Natalie Portman explained to the entire world her «skip» of the ceremony of handing her Israeli award Genesis: https://twitter.com/search?q=%22Natalie%20Portman%22&src=tren In fact, She gave as many as three explanations. Firstly, because of the Israeli representative criticized her attitude towards the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Actually, this is not a reason. If Natalie has the right to criticize the government and the people of Israel for allegedly misconduct against the Palestinians, why does not the representative of the Israeli government have the right to criticize Natal
  8. ANTI-SEMITE MAHMOUD ABBAS AND DESTRUCTION OF ISRAEL http://aaronblog.co/2018/05/anti-semite-mahmoud-abbas-and-destruction-of-israel/ The international community expressed its disapproval of the anti-Semitic statement of Mahmoud Abbas about the Holocaust. Well, Abbas just repeated Hitler’s main accusation against Jews, that the Jewish parasites exploit the whole world, and therefore Jews must be destroyed. That is, Abbas justified the Holocaust of Jews on the same basis as Hitler. But, this accusation of parasitism, by the way, clearly cannot be attributed to Israel. Unlike the Palestin
  9. General Assembly of the United Nations adopted in November 1947 a decision on the partition (of western part) of Palestine. The Zionists adopted this decision and six months later, after the withdrawal of the British occupation forces and authorities, proclaimed the State of Israel. The Palestinians did not agree to the partition at all, they demanded a Palestinian state all over Palestine territory, and involved all the then existing Arab states in their conflict with the Jews. The superpowers and the British colonial empire, which collapsed, but tried to cling to the remnants of its forme
  10. MODERN ANTISEMITISM According to Pan-Arabist Gamal Abdel Nasser, «to unite, Arabs are due one common enemy, and this enemy is Israel». Other Arab nationalists have adopted Nasser’s formula. Saddam Hussein, Muammar Qaddafi, Asad the Dad, etc etc. Currently, islamists «stole» the formula (quote from King Abdallah of Jordan), therefore nationalists try reconciliation with the Jewish state. Whole Palestinian game is to interfere with Arab nationalist plans regarding Israel. Therefore HAMAS succeeded to «stole» influence from FATAH. They tied themselves with Iran islamists, playing antisemitic ca
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