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Found 3 results

  1. Hi everyone, I'm looking to recruit fellow science-minded people to help with a labor of love I just started. I love fantasy and sci-fi and I just recently started playing tabletop RPGs again. My go-to RPGs from the past were DnD (of course), Rolemaster, MERPS, GURPS, Vampire the Masquerade, etc. I just started playing DnD 5e and like it a lot but certain things have reminded me of why I have always wanted to just create my own system... SO... I am. I'm also creating the setting and a virtual tabletop platform because I want the mechanics to be more detailed and realistic but not time consumin
  2. If anything can be simulation, or computation, does it stand to reason that any human event in the universe can be a computer, including World War II?
  3. So I am really into algorithms and i have been researching pathfinding and the various algorithms and methodology behind it. After some very intruiging research i have gotten down to the nitty-gritty of making my own algorithm and I am happy to announce i have a working algorithm for any obstacle and [in theory] it takes less steps and time than traditional pathfinding algorithms (such as A* and Dijkstra's algorithm) . for ex.) I had set up a 100x100 "tile" maze and after 6 steps into the algorithm it had a definite path from the start to finish. As far as i know 6 steps is very impressive-
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