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Found 6 results

  1. Our minister for strategic issues, Yuval Steinitz, warns that we must get ready for massive rocket attacks on Israel. It turns out that the one thousand rockets that the Palestinians have already fired at Israel are simply flowers, while the berries are waiting for us ahead. This time, the Iranian ayatollahs and their poodles, that is, Hamas, Nasrallah and Assad, threaten us. Russia stands behind them. And why are we threatened at all? Because of the fact that the Iranians provoke a war in the Persian Gulf against the United States and their Arab allies? In fact, they are blackmai
  2. The German President congratulated Iran on a specific and highly dubious date: the anniversary of the Islamist revolution. Consequently, on all its repercussions for Iran and the whole World. Including a loudly declared goal: the genocide of the Jews. It’s as if the Russian president congratulated Germany on the anniversary of Hitler’s rise to power. I am outraged also by the friendship of Russia with the Iranian Islamists. The Russians destroyed Islamist Islamic State in Syria, but support the much more dangerous Islamists of Iran. http://aaronblog.co/2019/03/congratulations-for-hitler/
  3. The need of the shelter for the Jewish people was obvious for at least 2.000 years. But let alone old stories, numerous expulsions, legal discrimination, blood and plague labels, habitual murder and robbery of the Jews. Let’s focus on the last 150 years of the Jewish history. Russian antisemitism culminated in the government-inspired pogroms, prohibition of the professions and the “Pale of Settlement”, which were the prototype of South African apartheid. Russian, Polish, Rumanian, Hungarian etc anti-Semitic policies pushed Jewish youth to the revolutionary underground. We learn from Bolshevi
  4. General Assembly of the United Nations adopted in November 1947 a decision on the partition (of western part) of Palestine. The Zionists adopted this decision and six months later, after the withdrawal of the British occupation forces and authorities, proclaimed the State of Israel. The Palestinians did not agree to the partition at all, they demanded a Palestinian state all over Palestine territory, and involved all the then existing Arab states in their conflict with the Jews. The superpowers and the British colonial empire, which collapsed, but tried to cling to the remnants of its forme
  5. Looking at the way most of the media is handling the Ukraine conflict, my absurd-o-meter has exploded once again. While it's being repaired, I wanted to talk about something important. This is long because I really wanted to point out some important interconnections, and provide a lot of material to do your own research. The bottom line is, regular people never want to go to war. They have to first become convinced that they are under attack by someone. One or the both sides need to get suckered into believing something that is not exactly true before there can be a large armed conflict.
  6. COMMUNIST MANIFESTO 2014, posted at http://pages.csam.montclair.edu/~kowalski/manifesto.html Fell free to shared this link with others. Ludwik
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