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Found 14 results

  1. Here's a view of quantum mechanics that I've been thinking about a bit in the past. I think it's easily powerful enough to be useful for others too. And to be honest, if you start viewing things through this interpretation, it can become a "bit" frustrating to see people over-complicate QM for themselves, and make it all seem more mysterious than it needs to be. I have never heard anyone use this type of interpretation, so I presume it is somewhat novel approach - despite being so incredibly simple, and almost "too obvious to miss". And yes, I understand the gravity of the claim of solvin
  2. The quantum entanglement and delayed choice quantum eraser variation to the double slit experiment has given very strange results. So if a particle is detected then the pattern is changed. Does the detected particle communicate with its entangled pair in the past? or there is another explanation to it?
  3. Hi, I'm new to this forum and I might have a challenge for you, if you respond to what I'm looking for. I'm scouting around the internet to find the brightest professors, PhD level students and overall esperts of physics to form a group. This group will be formed with the aim of, brace yourself, solve the millinium problem connected to the yang mills theory and mass gap. Please, if you are interested contact me, and we will have a little chat to see if you are what this group is looking for. I'm not sure we are going to make it, but I can promise that I'm going to give everything I have to see
  4. Let's Start with Einstein's Field Equation General Form. Now in order to merge this with Quantum Mechanics via space coordinates we must solve the equation for Radius® which is -2(8πGTuv/C4 - Λguv + Ruv)/guv = R Now R can be switched for (X,Y,Z) as R2 = ∇2 = d2/dx2 + d2/dy2 + d2/dz2 Thus -2(8πGTuv/C4 - Λguv + Ruv)/guv = ∇Einstein Field Equation Next is the Schrodinger equation which can be solved for the Laplace operator coordinates as well. Which can be solved for ∇ as -(2m(iħ(dΨ/dt) - VΨ)/Ψħ)1/2 = ∇Quantum Mechanics Then a merging equation which fuses GR with QM can
  5. Unobserved waves are unphysical, but ones with state change experience duality and get spacetime involved. Observation doesn't always mean Quantum Observation. What matters is if a state change happens. State is a binary physicality variable. I'm now questioning if it's even necessary to declare observation is involved in the double slit. It's accepted that observation means measurement ..but all the experiment cares about is a waves state change while its moving (and is allowed to continue moving). Observation would just be something that occurred after the experiment was over. It didn't infl
  6. If I glow a white LED bulb and then put a color filter around it (for example, a red color filter or a violet color filter) , then will it change the frequency of light.
  7. Tell me what you think of this thought experiment: How significant are our decisions? Are they meaningless, as in they are determined, and we are just objects set in motion with no control of our destiny. Or are the decisions we make ours and we are therefore in control of our own destiny? One such area in physics which might set light on this is quantum mechanics, and in particular the double slit experiment. The double slit experiment is an experiment, in which either electrons or photons are fired towards a two slit assembly, resulting in an interference pattern emerging. This experimen
  8. My new book “Physics of the Non-Physical” is now available on Amazon: For those scientists and people with scientific background knowledge, I believe you may find that the science which you think you know has very significant gaps in what it actually knows. The two overarching paradigms of modern science, the theory of relativity and the theory of quantum mechanics, are not able to account adequately for what we observe in our so-called physical realm, from the expanse of the universe to the point singularity of a black hole. The most glaring deficiency in our present science is the complete
  9. There is a special relationship between permittivity and permeability in the Sciama model that I am not aware that Sciama himself was aware of. There does exist in literature, a direct analogy of the gravitational permeability and permittivity. It is stated that [math]\epsilon_G = \frac{1}{4 \pi G}[/math] is the gravitational analogue of the vacuum permittivity [math]\epsilon[/math]. Gravitational waves have been experimentally varified to move at the speed of light - this is related in analogy (Sivaram, Sabatta) with electromagnetism [math]c = \frac{1}{\sqrt{\epsilon_0 \mu_0}}[/math] and th
  10. It seems to me that QM and SR would treat light beams in different ways. SR indicates that a light pulse acts like a ball in classical mechanics, for example a light clock where a particle motion in someone else's reference frame is measured in my reference frame. We get a bouncing ball moving in diagonals. Surely QM would say that you cannot see, or even know, what is happening to the "bouncing ball" when it is travelling between the mirrors. All we can see is the events as it strikes the mirror. Now let's take a simple example of a moving train. A flash of light occurs in the middle of
  11. This will be a Four-part essay on my thoughts concerning consciousness and why it continues to baffle us today. A small part of it consists of philosophy intertwined with physics. Part One - Never Mind the Matter, The Matter is the Mind ''The mind is not in the body, rather the body is in the mind.'' Plotinus There is more truth to this than some would normally adhere to. For instance, in science we learn that what we see is actually a re-interpretation of the world created by the brain that we come to be consciously aware of. We do not actually look outside the eyes directly, instea
  12. Hello all, Basic but (1) when an electron is excited by a photon with a frequency between two allowable energies, does it just promote the electron to the orbital it was just able to pass, or is it just as precise as frequencies emitted when falling to lower levels in spectroscopy, requiring EXACTLY the necessary frequency? (2) Will the excess kinetic energy be enough to ionize the electron with any other higher orbital electrons falling to repopulate the missing areas? (3) Is there a tolerance in populating an orbital? I believe it should be more fuzzy as you approach with higher n, be
  13. Is this theory described in this link https://figshare.com/articles/Nokton_theory/1549720 respects special relativity conditions.
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