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Found 4 results

  1. I've been exploring fractals as part of a rather long term philosophy project and have had a good deal of success modeling the simplest structures of my system with the folded geometry of the mandelbox. In addition to meeting the logical constraints I've established it seems that the geometries of the Mandelbox are capable of recreating nearly every photo and representation of quantum holography I've come across. I've also found that generating interference patterns within the fractal allows me to model dynamic processes and larger scale concepts in physics like gravitational lensing, gravitat
  2. Let's Start with Einstein's Field Equation General Form. Now in order to merge this with Quantum Mechanics via space coordinates we must solve the equation for Radius® which is -2(8πGTuv/C4 - Λguv + Ruv)/guv = R Now R can be switched for (X,Y,Z) as R2 = ∇2 = d2/dx2 + d2/dy2 + d2/dz2 Thus -2(8πGTuv/C4 - Λguv + Ruv)/guv = ∇Einstein Field Equation Next is the Schrodinger equation which can be solved for the Laplace operator coordinates as well. Which can be solved for ∇ as -(2m(iħ(dΨ/dt) - VΨ)/Ψħ)1/2 = ∇Quantum Mechanics Then a merging equation which fuses GR with QM can
  3. Meet the new theory (On the fundamental role of massless form of matter in physics) - https://vk.com/doc264717166_480910094 . title: On the fundamental role of massless form of matter in physics In the article, with the help of various models, the thesis on the fundamental nature of the field form of matter in physics is considered. In the first chapter a model of special relativity is constructed, on the basis of which the priority of the massless form of matter is revealed. In the second chapter, a field model of inert and heavy mass is constructed and on this basis the mechanism of ine
  4. The true value of the fine structure constant became much deeper - ultimately through it the constants of all fundamental interactions are expressed. This result came out from the very old formula that changed physics forever. Please, read "Hyperanalyticity of space-time" http://www.gaussianfunction.com.
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