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Found 6 results

  1. Everything relies on mathematics . From your descion making/emotions ( complex chemical reaction in your brain) to black holes. Everything can be calculated/predicted. Although we don't have the technology to do such complex problems, we will have it in a distant future. Mathematics forms the basis of everything. Like maths, which is a fundamental explanation to everything ( for now), is there anything other than it that can form a base to explain everything in universe and is it possible to make some theory like it? Is there anything that doesn't depend on mathematics ? University students/
  2. This will be a Four-part essay on my thoughts concerning consciousness and why it continues to baffle us today. A small part of it consists of philosophy intertwined with physics. Part One - Never Mind the Matter, The Matter is the Mind ''The mind is not in the body, rather the body is in the mind.'' Plotinus There is more truth to this than some would normally adhere to. For instance, in science we learn that what we see is actually a re-interpretation of the world created by the brain that we come to be consciously aware of. We do not actually look outside the eyes directly, instea
  3. Could the entire history of the universe be the attempt by God to remember its identity, including in that identity WWE history?
  4. Is there a two-way causal link between planets and teddy bears?
  5. https://vimeo.com/138098422 Dear all, I've just finished the above promo for my documentary-in-progress on the evolving science of consciousness. I have interviewed over 40 top neuroscientists and philosophers, including Dan Dennett, Bernard Baars, Thomas Metzinger, Susan Blackmore and many more. It's a fun ride into the baffling world of your inner experience. If you enjoy the video, please share it with friends! Feel free to leave feedback below. best, Matt Faw Consciousness3D.net @Consciousness3D Facebook.com/Consciousness3D
  6. JOHN MALKOVICH Part 1: Being John Malkovich was an American dramedy fantasy which opened in October 1999 just as I was retiring after a 50 year student and employment life, a career of 32 years as a teacher, and another 18 as a student. In October 1999 I was settling into a little town by the sea, and beginning the recreation of myself as a writer and author, poet and publisher, online blogger and journalist, editor and researcher, reader and scholar. I did not see the film, however, until sometime in the first decade after my retirement from FT, PT and casual-paid jobs. I have now enjoy
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