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Found 5 results

  1. DESTRUCTION OF ISRAEL OR DESTRUCTION OF IRAN? After the decisive step of Trump and his demands laid before the ayatollahs, voices are heard, that it is necessary to help Iran, since the defeat of the ayatollah regime will lead to the disintegration of the Iranian state and to instability in the Middle East. Say, anti-Semitic rhetoric is needed in order to keep Iran’s unity (what is true). Just as the war against Israel was necessary for the Assad regime to keep the unity of Syria. And Erdogan needs anti-Semitic rhetoric to win elections. And Hitler needed this same rhetoric to seize powe
  2. DISCUSSION: Wayne Nelson Apartheid Israel is a race based state. It excludes others who are racially not Jewish. (People can be Atheists but still Jewish). Apartheid Israel is part of the globalists. It is an example of elitist influence over Human Rights. The globalists agreed to create a race based Jewish state from 1897 — 50 years before Apartheid Israel was created by the ethnic cleansing of the then 75% majority Native Palestinians. A Jewish state can not be created by depriving the majority people their rights. There is another Jewish state — the Jewish Autonomous State in East Russia
  3. Only one of dozens Palestinian clans (khamulas) recognizes its Jewish ancestry. All the others believe that they are descendants of Arabia tribes, or of Salah ad Din settlers (Saladin’s army consisted of Turks, Circassians and Kurds). The rest consider themselves the descendants of 16-20 century settlers from Syria, Lebanon, Transjordan, Egypt, Hejaz, Maghreb, Iraq, Bosnia, etc. Such is the opinion of the PALESTINIANS who remained in Palestine. Regarding «Christian and Jewish converts to Islam», so the policy of the First caliphs was not to convert Christians and Jews to Islam. The reason wa
  4. ISRAEL: BOTH JEWISH AND BI-NATIONAL STATE The new Israel’s Nation Act is actually the «Declaration of the Independence of the Jewish People». By this law, the Knesset of Israel announced that the Jewish people have the right to an independent state, and this state is Israel. The revival of Jewish unity on the basis of Zionism is a political and strategic necessity, and from this point of view the Law on the Nation is necessary. It is highly important to improve the relations between Israel and the Jews of dispersion, to establish Israel’s relations with Arab neighbors and with the minorities i
  5. Over the past hundred years, the Palestinians have tried to destroy the Jews, with their own force or with someone else’s hands, nine times: At the beginning of the 20th century, the Palestinians hoped to destroy the Palestinian Jews by the hands of the Turks. It is believed that only the patronage of Germany saved the Jews from massacres, similar to those that the Turks organized to Armenians and Greeks. Instead, the Turks have expelled about a third of the then-time Jewish population from Palestine. Tel Aviv Mayor Dizengoff was imprisoned, despite the fact that in 1914 he publicly called
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