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Found 3 results

  1. http://aaronblog.co/2020/03/ethnic-cleansing-of-palestine/ ETHNIC CLEANSING OF PALESTINE AND OF ISRAEL The entire Arab world, from the Maghreb to Baghdad, plus Kurds, Bosnians, Berbers, and other non-Arabs, appear in the pedigree of the Palestinians. It is no coincidence that until the 60s, the Palestinians did not want to separate themselves from other Arabs. And indeed, the Palestinians are the descendants of various conquerors (not necessarily Arab, there were also Tatar-Mongols, Khorezmians, Mamelukes of Caucasian origin, etc). And immigrants from Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt, the Maghreb
  2. According to Jerome Vermlin My note: THE HISTORY IS LONG, SO THE TRUTH IS LONG. THE LIE IS SHORT BUT MISLEADING. IT DIFFERS FROM THE TRUTH DUE TO THE LACK OF DETAILS. As we learn from Vermlin’s book, the widespread comparison of Ashkenazi Zionists with White settlers of the USA , or with the White South Africans (while Palestinians are depicted as Indians or South African Blacks), strongly contradicts the real history. The Zionist immigration to Palestine largely preceded the arrival of the heterogeneous ancestors of the Palestinian People. The Zionism haven’t disrupted all over the histo
  3. ANTI-ZIONISM IN PALESTINE Let’s look how grounded are claims of the Palestinians and of all other anti-Zionists. They argue that Jews (especially Ashkenazi) are European colonizers, aggressive aliens who drove out or enslaved the unfortunate Palestinian natives. But looking throughout history, everything is just opposite. The Palestinians are the heirs of the conquerors, the colonists who expelled or destroyed the Jews in Palestine, and prevented their return to their country. Not in biblical times only (2,000 years ago), but also later Jews constituted an appreciable part of Palestine popul
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