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Found 4 results

  1. This paper proves that Inertial frame of reference concept of Newton is wrong because that gives different result of same event & require some modification(chapter 1) & Einstein Special theory of relativity is also wrong because when object & observer move in different directions then relative mathematics gives some wrong results as applied force is different than acting force & direction of acceleration & force are different (chapter 1). I have proposed that space is different than vacuum & create a frame of reference. This solve the problem of dark energy (a
  2. Classical #physics predicts weight (W) should NOT change at increasing temperature (T) in vacuum. Relativistic #physics predicts W should INCREASE at increasing T in vacuum. My theory predicts W should DECREASE at increasing T in vacuum and can be found here yaniv-stern.webnode.com. W reduction at increasing T in vacuum disproves conservation of mass and most of the rest of #physics. Over the past ten years I contacted thousands of scientists to weigh a heated metal in vacuum and publish the results. I did Not get the results of the experiment. #ResultsRequired
  3. Hello, I was wondering if there is equation for the Strong Nuclear Force Strength and Weak Nuclear Force Strength like Coulomb's Law or Newtonian Gravity. I would like it in Function of Force Form if possible. F(x) = (x) , It seems as if most of the other forces have equation such as this that explain it. Newtonian Law of Gravity Coulomb's Law of Electric Force Lorentz Law of Magnetism
  4. Here is an article about my revised Newton's gravity formula
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