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Found 4 results

  1. Hey, my name (at least on this forum) is Panther. I see a lot of "full dive" discussion here (I mean, it is the full dive section) and I wanted to share some of my ideas in an organized format that you can add to. I'm going to be assembling a group of my really smart friends (I'm smart too) to help with this, but you can also help out if you have skype, are qualified, and can collaborate. You can be anything from an ambitious SAO watcher to a neurosurgeon to be "qualified." Anyways, let's start on the organized ideas. The Goal Ok, so the goal in the end will include: -Sight -Audio -Speech -
  2. I'm sure many people here have their idea of what an ideal true virtual reality (credit for that term goes to @kayaba from Brain Jackers). However, the smallest differences in features could be the difference between dominating the gaming industry and being in the news for a few days before dying off. Think of it this way: kids will always be a major part of the gaming industry. Let's say the device cuts off your hearing while you use it. There will be many safety concerns, sure, but on top of that a parent would never buy something like that for their kid. Even putting a kid for sleep would
  3. Hi I am interested in making the Nerve Gear but I believe that the main problem with developing it is the 'writing' part. What I mean by that, is the transfer of information from the Nerve Gear to the brain. So I made this topic to brainstorm the possible ways of doing this. The important part to remember is not to try and make it like the nerve gear (Therefore just thinking of non-invasive methods) but just to make it work. So to start it off. As another member said: I think its near impossible to stimuate individuals axons, so we are going to have to stimulate entire nerves. E.G. If
  4. Hi... For a while now I've been wanting to build a controller... I don't have much experience with making models and things like that, but I learn quickly. Does someone Know how to build a controller? I'm thinking of a easy controller... A joystick and a few buttons... How do I put it together to make a controller for a PC or anything else that I may build like a possible tablet or VR device.
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