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Found 3 results

  1. We have a double holiday in Israel: Victory Day and Independence Day. The second holiday would have been impossible without the first. The Hitler army was stopped not only at Stalingrad, but also near Alexandria in Egypt, in November 1942. At this point, the Jews of Palestine were preparing to evacuate to Mount Carmel and keep all-round defense there. Well, the leader of the Palestinian people, Amin al Husseini, rubbed his hands, anticipating the genocide of the Jews of Egypt, Palestine and of entire Middle East. After all, this is what Hitler promised him during the meeting a year before, i
  2. DISCUSSION: Wayne Nelson Apartheid Israel is a race based state. It excludes others who are racially not Jewish. (People can be Atheists but still Jewish). Apartheid Israel is part of the globalists. It is an example of elitist influence over Human Rights. The globalists agreed to create a race based Jewish state from 1897 — 50 years before Apartheid Israel was created by the ethnic cleansing of the then 75% majority Native Palestinians. A Jewish state can not be created by depriving the majority people their rights. There is another Jewish state — the Jewish Autonomous State in East Russia
  3. 1.My uncle fled Palestine (together with his family) in 1938 from pogroms arranged by the Palestinians during the Intifada, which began in 1936. Three years later, in July 1941, he was killed (along with his wife and children, along with three brothers, a sister and their mother, my grandmother) in the massacre that the Ukrainian fascists arranged in the city of Lviv, as the German Nazis occupied this city. Totally, 25,000 Jews of Lviv were killed that month. «The expulsion of Jews from East Jerusalem began during the pogroms of 1929, when the crowd, incited by Muslim preachers, began to kil
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