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Found 6 results

  1. Today, I am going to be tackling the Transformation of Mars into a Earth-like planet from a Barren planet to make humans a second home. First, we must know a little about Mars before we can transform Mars from a Barren planet to a Earth-like one. The Pictures below will explain the current status of Mars. Atmospheric Composition Chart Mars Internal Structure Mars Geography and External Structure First to Terraform Mars we need to generate a Magnetic field over millions and billions of years Mars has been cooling down, This has caused the Magnetic field of mars to collapse
  2. I read that Methane is found on Mars. Mean's many many years back there would be some biological activity was going on mars but due to loosing magnetic field, the shower of cosmic radiation has killed the living habitats on mars. Can we regenerate the magnetic field of mars artificially? For example:- On equator of mars, velocity is 241.17 m/s. If we create some very high static electric charge points of very high value of coulomb by some small portable nuclear reactor, then circular motion of this charge points on equator will produce magnetic field on mars. This will protect the human
  3. This is my most recent draft. I hope it summarises my core argument first and has clearer writing about the other peripheral subjects later. Warning: it's fairly long, but the first 2 points are so worth it! Stop at Blue Mars if you wish as that's half way, and everything after there becomes a bit more speculative. MARS V the BELTERS While I eventually would love to see *all* of the solar system settled and O'Neil colonies everywhere, I think we should start with Mars first. There are 3 main reasons: the City Size Bonus, Technology Bottlenecks, and the Myth of Self-Replication Mining ship
  4. Hi everyone, I normally don't like to do this, but I think this is a special case. I am a huge space enthusiast as well as my Brother Peter. He is currently running a kickstarter campaign for his Ultra Large detailed maps of Mars. It's never quite been done like this, and I hope that helps mainstream the importance of space exploration as we connect people to the solar system right in their living rooms. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/planetaryprinting/mars-ultra-large-maps Each print is centered on Oxia Palus, one of the 30 quadrangles of Mars referenced by the USGS Astrogeology Res
  5. So here is my hypothesis on counteracting the g forces on a person in a moving spacecraft. A person is in a gyroscope like structure. The gryoscope would spin on a horizontal axis and the person in turn would spin backwards or forwards. In this manner, the G force direction will constantly spin around as the person spins.
  6. So here is my hypothesis: Plasma is an unstable state of matter with strong electromagnetic properties. Plasma is easily pushed around in a fast manner by electromagnetism. When the plasma passes the electromagnets it switches electromagnetic poles, jetting out high velocity plasma. Mind you that this is only a hypothesis and not a full on theory or fact.
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