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Found 8 results

  1. Please offer any scientifically accepted, or even plausible, concepts that may address this very realistic scenario: Earth is gone. Complements of some natural occurrence, you name it, perhaps a rouge primordial black hole that happens to be passing through our solar system which then sends the earth into direct collision with Jupiter. Or perhaps there is a giga-solar flare which perturbs earth’s orbit sending it careening into the sun. Result? All that you and I and your pet salamander were, every cell and every DNA molecule, every atom that was on or in the earth is now ionized nuclear f
  2. Why it is easier to fail in Life .......... Using Truth Tables ! KEY : x = don't care F = False T = True Consider a 3 step problem - Fxx xFx xxF TTT From the Truth Tables - To FAIL requires just ONE error, to succeed requires you to be RIGHT ALL THE TIME !!! Agree or Disagree ?
  3. Last day, the former advisor to the U.S. President (from Iran) sent a message to several governmental labs (including NASA, the Brain Research Initiative of NIH, and LANL) and asked them for advanced research on pain circuits and brain stimulation for Near-death-experience. If the advanced research experiments begin, it not only would get leaded to a painless death for elderly people who suffer of intolerable pain, but also it would mix the dying process with pleasure and positive feelings. They are also working on human cloning and mind uploading. These three independent technologies (and als
  4. Please do not steal my idea I am about to share with you. I am only 13 years old. We could build a supercomputer ( or a computer that can handle the amount of processing power needed for this ) that could calculate orbits, planets, how the gravity affects other objects, etc. Basically we input all known events I.E. big bang theory, dinosaurs, extinction, protoplanet hits protoearth and creates moon, Jesus is born, planetary geology, heat, radiation, GRB, life as we know it, and the list goes on and on. We can then make a massive and highly intelligent A.I. that is able to calculate things that
  5. Hello just before we start i am new here so if there specific questions im not aloud to ask due to being maybe a somewhat religious or sensitive topic or disrespectful to a persons beliefs than i apologize in advance and did not intend in disrespecting in what you believe in any way im sorry So im young, 14 curious about how the universe and space works and the amazing progress that science is able to push humanity to amazing limits but sometimes but today in particular wonder about what others in the scientific community think of how the world began and the aftermath i believe the big bang
  6. Now to us, we first thought that life would need water, and the sun, along with organics to feed on. But how are we so sure about it? Life can't be so hard to make, and needs the exact process that earth went through. Such as we thought that life needs photosynthesis to live. But when we look at the Movile Cave, we find that the beasts that live down there, use chemosynthesis instead of photosynthesis. So what does this mean? It means that we really don't need the sun for life. In fact, I'm sure that if Pluto had a bigger atmosphere to retain more heat, and the liquid water mountains melted, t
  7. The basic premise proceeds from the assumption that the probability of a world coming into existence exactly like our own is greater than zero (we know this because our world exists). If space is infinite, then cosmology tells us that our existence will recur an infinite number of times. We also know for a fact that we are made of atoms and particles. Giving infinite time and space, there will eventually be same atoms and particles IN SAME ORDER, therefore our existence is cyclical and not linear. Speaking of logic, the only reasonable answer would be that we indeed are living in an eternal
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