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Found 3 results

  1. Over the past 30 years, several attempts have been made to an Israeli-Arab settlement. So, the government of Yitzhak Shamir took part in the Madrid Conference in 1991 and tried to resolve differences with the Arabs on the basis of the Jordan-Palestinian version of the solution of the Palestinian issue. At the request of Shamir, the PLO delegation was included in the joint Jordanian-Palestinian delegation. In fact, the Jordanian-Palestinian solution was proposed by Lord Peel’s commission back in 1937, and a moderate Palestinian party, headed by the Nashashibi family, agreed to such
  2. DESTRUCTION OF ISRAEL OR DESTRUCTION OF IRAN? After the decisive step of Trump and his demands laid before the ayatollahs, voices are heard, that it is necessary to help Iran, since the defeat of the ayatollah regime will lead to the disintegration of the Iranian state and to instability in the Middle East. Say, anti-Semitic rhetoric is needed in order to keep Iran’s unity (what is true). Just as the war against Israel was necessary for the Assad regime to keep the unity of Syria. And Erdogan needs anti-Semitic rhetoric to win elections. And Hitler needed this same rhetoric to seize powe
  3. According to Jerome Vermlin My note: THE HISTORY IS LONG, SO THE TRUTH IS LONG. THE LIE IS SHORT BUT MISLEADING. IT DIFFERS FROM THE TRUTH DUE TO THE LACK OF DETAILS. As we learn from Vermlin’s book, the widespread comparison of Ashkenazi Zionists with White settlers of the USA , or with the White South Africans (while Palestinians are depicted as Indians or South African Blacks), strongly contradicts the real history. The Zionist immigration to Palestine largely preceded the arrival of the heterogeneous ancestors of the Palestinian People. The Zionism haven’t disrupted all over the histo
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