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Found 6 results

  1. The Israel’s Independence war was forced by British and French colony ministers, seeking to retain their colonial empires. The Palestinian Naqba was staged by Palestinian leader, war criminal Amin al Husseini, with the purpose to force Pan-Arab antisemitic turmoil, and to involve Arab governments in the war against the Jewish state. About 80% of Palestinian refugees gone voluntarily, following Amin’s appeal. Simultaneously, 800.000 Jews were forced to flee Arab countries, under pressure of pogroms and government persecutions. That was Arab Jewry’s Naqba. They fled mostly to Israel, after Holoc
  2. The whole anti-Semitic world accuses us for allegedly driving the Palestinians out of the places where we Jews now live. However, a detailed study of documents of that time shows that before and during the War of Independence, most of Palestinians were evacuated on the direct order of their leader, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Amin al Husseini. In some places (for example, in Tiberias), the Arabs were evacuated in an organized manner by the British, who remained in Palestine until May 1948. In 1946, after a seven-year gap, the Palestinians were again led by Haj Amin al Husseini, the Grand Muf
  3. 1.My uncle fled Palestine (together with his family) in 1938 from pogroms arranged by the Palestinians during the Intifada, which began in 1936. Three years later, in July 1941, he was killed (along with his wife and children, along with three brothers, a sister and their mother, my grandmother) in the massacre that the Ukrainian fascists arranged in the city of Lviv, as the German Nazis occupied this city. Totally, 25,000 Jews of Lviv were killed that month. «The expulsion of Jews from East Jerusalem began during the pogroms of 1929, when the crowd, incited by Muslim preachers, began to kil
  4. ANTI-SEMITE MAHMOUD ABBAS AND DESTRUCTION OF ISRAEL http://aaronblog.co/2018/05/anti-semite-mahmoud-abbas-and-destruction-of-israel/ The international community expressed its disapproval of the anti-Semitic statement of Mahmoud Abbas about the Holocaust. Well, Abbas just repeated Hitler’s main accusation against Jews, that the Jewish parasites exploit the whole world, and therefore Jews must be destroyed. That is, Abbas justified the Holocaust of Jews on the same basis as Hitler. But, this accusation of parasitism, by the way, clearly cannot be attributed to Israel. Unlike the Palestin
  5. The need of the shelter for the Jewish people was obvious for at least 2.000 years. But let alone old stories, numerous expulsions, legal discrimination, blood and plague labels, habitual murder and robbery of the Jews. Let’s focus on the last 150 years of the Jewish history. Russian antisemitism culminated in the government-inspired pogroms, prohibition of the professions and the “Pale of Settlement”, which were the prototype of South African apartheid. Russian, Polish, Rumanian, Hungarian etc anti-Semitic policies pushed Jewish youth to the revolutionary underground. We learn from Bolshevi
  6. Polish lawmakers accepted bill, which forbids (for private persons) to accuse Polish people over Holocaust crimes. Well, we know, that the initiator of the Holocaust was Hitler as a person. He changed his Nazi party program regarding the Jews. Instead of previously proclaimed expulsion of the Jews from Germany, Hitler pushed forward the complete extermination of the Jews in all lands that he conquered. This change had two rational reasons. First, the re-settling of 11.000.000 Jews to the previously appointed lands, Palestine and Madagascar, which were out of German control, turned out impr
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