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Found 5 results

  1. According to the opinion of anti-Semites, and also according to the opinion of most of the American Jews who voted for Obama and Clinton, the Jewish settlements of Judea and Samaria are placed in the occupied territory of Palestine. Our enemies (and even a part of our friends and neutrally minded people) refer to the 4th Geneva Convention. They argue, that Israel violated the Geneva Convention, that the Jews settled in the West Bank illegally, live there and raise children illegally. That houses of settlers should be destroyed, and they must be evicted from those cities and villages, where mo
  2. Anti-Semitism is the kind of xenophobia which targets specifically Jews. The “advantage” of anti-Semitism compared to other xenophobic varieties is that the “object” (Jews) are not able to harm anti-Semites, and therefore are very convenient for all types of aggression: defamation, pogroms, “silent” domestic persecution, formal and informal discrimination, and finally genocide. Almost all crimes against the Jews go unpunished. I have an exact answer to the question of why anti-Semites do hate the Jews: just because they want to hate. Often it is beneficial. To kill and rob a fraer, you ha
  3. SHOULD WE SEND UN TO GAZA? Instead of investigating Hamas’s crimes against Jews and against the Palestinians, and sending troops that will remove the criminal regime of Hamas, the UN is going to send another fake commission that will investigate us, the victims of Hamas crimes. In fact, the United Nations maintains for 70 years the UNRWA, the so-called «UN Relief and Works Agency", under pretext of helping Palestinian refugees (UN never helped Jewish refugees, at all). This corrupt device for pumping out taxpayers’ money has taken care that its activities never stop. To do this, UN officia
  4. General Assembly of the United Nations adopted in November 1947 a decision on the partition (of western part) of Palestine. The Zionists adopted this decision and six months later, after the withdrawal of the British occupation forces and authorities, proclaimed the State of Israel. The Palestinians did not agree to the partition at all, they demanded a Palestinian state all over Palestine territory, and involved all the then existing Arab states in their conflict with the Jews. The superpowers and the British colonial empire, which collapsed, but tried to cling to the remnants of its forme
  5. PEACE NOW (Taken from «United with Israel» mail): “Palestinian leader Abbas did not demand that Hamas cease to seek Israel’s destruction, as a previous report had claimed. The Palestinian Authority (PA) has refuted a report citing an alleged demand by PA head Mahmoud Abbas that members of the Hamas terror group must recognize Israel if they want to be included in the cabinet of a unity government. Haaretz reported Monday that Abbas made the statement during a meeting with 12 former Israeli lawmakers at the PA headquarters in Ramallah. In response to the report, Abbas’s office said, “The presid
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