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Found 3 results

  1. Our Arab fellow citizens want their representatives to participate in the Israeli government. Unfortunately, their representatives set forth unacceptable conditions for their participation. They demand the abolition of the right of Jews to return, and the Law on the Nation, which proclaimed Israel a Jewish, Zionist state in which minorities have equal rights and obligations. Israeli Arab politicians also support Palestine’s demand for the introduction of millions of descendants of Palestinian refugees into Israel, which will turn Israel into another Arab state in which the Jewish minority wi
  2. At the heart of the Israeli leftist idea is the proverb «Do not be fair, be smart.» Say, make concessions to the enemy in exchange for peace. These days, attempts are being made to revive the power of the left minority over the people of Israel. They are talking about the same coalition that a quarter of a century ago adopted and tried to implement the Oslo Accords. As we know, all attempts to implement or revive these agreements failed miserably. The Oslo Process did not lead to peace, but undermined the security of the people of Israel. Instead of “peace in exchange for territory
  3. Between now and 2020, would CNN be able to not cover any aspect of Trump's presidency - i.e. never reference the day to day, week to week and month to month events of the administration?
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