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Found 9 results

  1. Please offer any scientifically accepted, or even plausible, concepts that may address this very realistic scenario: Earth is gone. Complements of some natural occurrence, you name it, perhaps a rouge primordial black hole that happens to be passing through our solar system which then sends the earth into direct collision with Jupiter. Or perhaps there is a giga-solar flare which perturbs earth’s orbit sending it careening into the sun. Result? All that you and I and your pet salamander were, every cell and every DNA molecule, every atom that was on or in the earth is now ionized nuclear f
  2. Posting this here because I don't know where to put speculative scenarios in this forum. Sometime between the Paleocene and Eocene epochs, there was a mysterious, sudden, dramatic rise in global temperature. This moment in time was known as the "Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum", shortened into "PETM". In just 20 to 50 millennia, the temperature rose by five to eight degrees Celsius, and this heatweave persisted for another 200 millennia (that's just the mean estimate.) While its impact on terrestrial plant and animal life is well-known, the focus of the question is on how the PETM i
  3. Hi all, Can you please debunk these 2 videos about Evolution? 1. 2. Thanks!
  4. Proving that evolution does not truly describe the natural world. Please pause video if needed.
  5. Hello, ScienceForums, I made a list of Best Richard Dawkins books I think that all science lovers need to read. https://buzz4fun.net/10-best-richard-dawkins-books-that-all-science-lovers-need-to-read/ do you agree with the list? or should I add another books to the list? any suggestion is welcome.
  6. . I happened to wonder if you guys knew the proper route to go should I know about the first of a new branch of Human being. I happen to know I really am because of irrefutable evidence. As it so happens it's evolution is of the male reproductive organ. A bean shaped pea on the head of the penis. Quite like a Hindu Bindi in positioning should the head be the penile head. I notice many preparations made and far too many coincidences of nature for it to be a mutation. A peacocks plume looks like a penis head with it's head or body being the bean. Same about the T.V channel CBS's logo. Furth
  7. Can any life form recreate the Big Bang? At this point in time, I think it's possible that the universe is a stage of progression that isn't meant to be final. If one sees the universe as not absence, but then because of absence, Isn't that an error of some sort? Moreover, I find it interesting to wonder if reality's resolution is based on any homo sapien becoming God, including any current Democrat or Republican.
  8. Hi, I was sent this meme (attached) and was wondering what it meant and how to argue against it... Is this guy who sent the meme talking about the phylogenetic tree? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phylogenetic_tree - Appreciate any help. Thanks.
  9. Ever wonder why the theory of evolution is such a controversial topic? Do some people simply refuse to admit evolution is a fact? But how can anyone not admit to a concept if it's been proven? Or has it? Why is it that you never hear anyone denying Mars exists? How come no one ever claims there are no rings around Saturn? Why doesn't anyone ever deny the North Pole exists? That's because there is such an abundance of clear evidence that Mars, the rings around Saturn and the North Pole exist that attempting to contradict these facts would be sheer lunacy. And therein lies the problem with evo
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