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Found 4 results

  1. Hi guys, first of all I would like to thank you for watching my videos and allowing me to post them here. In this video I show you 8 things you probably don't know about dreams.Every single one of them come from research, the experience of thousands of lucid dreamers and my own experience in the matter, because I'm also a lucid dreamer and I have experienced all of these things.If you have no idea what lucid dreaming is, please watch my video or search it on the web.As you can imagine, if you're not a lucid dreamer you will not be aware of most things on this list, because most of them m
  2. Hello Friends, After more than 30 years of study, I've learned a few things about the nature of dreams and the dreaming brain. By no means does my stated years of study validate my perspective beyond that of any other visitor's posted history. I'm certain most visitors to this science discussion site consider factors beyond the credulity of what a person writes about himself and his experience. However, I always endeavor to use science, reason, and empirical objective observations as a basis for my views and opinions. With that said, I like to talk about the neurological nature of consciou
  3. Hello, Im new to the forum and I'm really interested in everything about dreaming and the phychology behind it. Since I found this sub-section of the forum, I though i'd share this video I came across with you guys. It seems to answer some of the questions I see being asked here too. The video can be found here: [VIDEO] [/VIDEO] The people who made the video don't really have a lot of viewers/subscribers which is unfortunate because they did a great job, lets give them the support they deserve? -Jellyfish
  4. Who’s up for a brief discussion of the sleep process? Although I’ve studied dreams and dreaming for more than three decades and have blogged and published on the nature and evolution of the dreaming brain, I consider myself merely well informed rather than expert on the topic. However, based on the most recent and available peer-reviewed research, I will be making some definitive statements about the nature of sleep and dreaming that you may find compelling, if not informative. First, let’s explore why we sleep and dispel some misconceptions about why we dream and remain immobile while drea
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