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Found 4 results

  1. It’s safe to say that most people – not just the (wo)man in the street but also biologists – work on the assumption that genetics explains what we are, or at least our bodies. There is, of course, a nature-nurture debate concerning many of our mental functions. Clearly, genetics doesn’t explain which language we speak. And there’s a thing called epigenetics: the influence of our environment on how we develop. If you eat too much you get fat, work out in the gym and your muscles grow. But the fact that we’ve got two arms and two legs, a heart that beats, eyes that see – that’s all genetics, rig
  2. People viewing this forum: I wold like to start a team/company to research and develop a real life NerveGear from the hit anime series Sword Art Online. This is no easy task, especially with the technology available, but I would love to see it become a reality. Ever since I finished SAO and SAOII, I've wanted to create this amazing piece of technology. Not only could it revolutionize the gaming industry, but it could also lead to serious advances in the medical field, as seen in the manga and anime series. So, if you think that you might be interested, these are the positions I am trying to fi
  3. Hi guys... Even as a child I always dreamed of entering a world full of virtual reality where each of us could have the world who want and where want to live, all he needs only to choose the game or suitable server to him, then after seeing Sword Art Online I started to want this technology and I think that with the current technological development we could already start working on this project and that in a few years we may already have our nervegear, indeed I am convinced that within a maximum of 10 years we would have this technology, now we get to the point I created this thread because
  4. Hi! I have been doing some research on zebrafish toxicity assay, and I have noticed that in many published articles zebrafish embryos are said to be exposed to different compounds at 6 hpf, not before that. Could anyone explain to me why the embryos aren't used in earlier stages of development, for example 4-5 hpf, does it have something to do with certain gene expression, and if so, which genes are included? Thank you very much for your answers, anything will help.
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