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Found 6 results

  1. This paper proves that Inertial frame of reference concept of Newton is wrong because that gives different result of same event & require some modification(chapter 1) & Einstein Special theory of relativity is also wrong because when object & observer move in different directions then relative mathematics gives some wrong results as applied force is different than acting force & direction of acceleration & force are different (chapter 1). I have proposed that space is different than vacuum & create a frame of reference. This solve the problem of dark energy (a
  2. This theory aims to explain dark energies recently discovered exponential rate increase, the matter/anti-matter imbalance, the nature of dark matter, the cause of inflation, and their relationships. If you are willing to give this theory a quick glance to see if it would be worth your time I would really appreciate it. It's not very long or complicated. Recent discoveries by many professional agencies have observed that dark energies rate is not only increasing like we thought, the rate of increase is increasing too. (quintessence). This could be because of gravitational time di
  3. This theory give answer to many problems of physics like 1) Dark matter. 2) Accelerated expansion of world. 3) Dual nature of particle & wave. 4) Why matter is much more than anti-matter in world? 5) Theory beyond standard model of particle physics. 6) What is the space? etc etc http://vixra.org/abs/1903.0178
  4. I have formulated a new theory which unites Dark Energy with Gravity. Here it is: Isaac Newton said that ‘Every force has its equal opposite force.’ Therefore, there must be an equal opposite force to gravity. This reasoning leads the author to conclude that the centripetal force of gravity has its equal centrifugal force throughout the universe. Therefore, I propose that this centrifugal force is the force that pushes all matter outwards and is the reason why the universe is expanding = Dark Energy. I believe that the two entities of Gravity and Dark Energy are related. A description of
  5. My new book “Physics of the Non-Physical” is now available on Amazon: For those scientists and people with scientific background knowledge, I believe you may find that the science which you think you know has very significant gaps in what it actually knows. The two overarching paradigms of modern science, the theory of relativity and the theory of quantum mechanics, are not able to account adequately for what we observe in our so-called physical realm, from the expanse of the universe to the point singularity of a black hole. The most glaring deficiency in our present science is the complete
  6. Seeking contact with publishers interested in printing articles on dark matter and dark energy.
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