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Found 5 results

  1. Last day, the former advisor to the U.S. President (from Iran) sent a message to several governmental labs (including NASA, the Brain Research Initiative of NIH, and LANL) and asked them for advanced research on pain circuits and brain stimulation for Near-death-experience. If the advanced research experiments begin, it not only would get leaded to a painless death for elderly people who suffer of intolerable pain, but also it would mix the dying process with pleasure and positive feelings. They are also working on human cloning and mind uploading. These three independent technologies (and als
  2. Here is what I want to know. What if we put humans in a cave/chamber like the Movile Cave and left them there for a certain period of time. We would leave them when the cave/chamber first seals, and create a environment like the Movile Cave. Could we change the DNA of the human inside? Also what would be the difference if we did a much faster experiment ( The first would be going like evolution, and the second would be in one lifetime.) and had the cave/chamber change climate (air, food, water, etc.) at the pace of one lifetime? Such as changing the figures every day or month. What would it be
  3. The idea of not relying on drugs is so interesting. This neuroscientist actually just gave a talk about ways to fix depression/addiction/mental illness without any drugs: http://bit.ly/1D1Y5BE In the video he suggests that one of the best ways to move forward and combat issues such as drug addiction and mental illnesses is by taking advantage of neural plasticity and changing parts of the brain that are responsible for these illnesses. Unlike drugs, this results in little to no side effects and is a lot less broad. Although this is very new technology test have shown nearly 33% remission
  4. Do we only use 10% of our brain ? This myth establishes that most of the human brain is unused, suggesting that we only use a small portion of it and because of this some kind of secret power can be unleashed, turning us into superheroes able to use telekinesis, telepathy and so on. One possible origin is the reserve energy theories by Harvard psychologists William James and Boris Sidis in the 1890s who tested the theory in the accelerated raising of child prodigy William Sidis. This urban legend became reason of controversy since the release of the movie "Lucy", a lot of scientists establ
  5. Hi I am interested in making the Nerve Gear but I believe that the main problem with developing it is the 'writing' part. What I mean by that, is the transfer of information from the Nerve Gear to the brain. So I made this topic to brainstorm the possible ways of doing this. The important part to remember is not to try and make it like the nerve gear (Therefore just thinking of non-invasive methods) but just to make it work. So to start it off. As another member said: I think its near impossible to stimuate individuals axons, so we are going to have to stimulate entire nerves. E.G. If
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