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Found 6 results

  1. Our Arab fellow citizens want their representatives to participate in the Israeli government. Unfortunately, their representatives set forth unacceptable conditions for their participation. They demand the abolition of the right of Jews to return, and the Law on the Nation, which proclaimed Israel a Jewish, Zionist state in which minorities have equal rights and obligations. Israeli Arab politicians also support Palestine’s demand for the introduction of millions of descendants of Palestinian refugees into Israel, which will turn Israel into another Arab state in which the Jewish minority wi
  2. HOW TO AVOID THE GREAT WAR IN THE MIDDLE EAST THREATENING TO GROW INTO A WORLD WAR? The ayatollahs take risky provocative steps, with the purpose to draw the US into a direct war against Iran. For example, they attacked tankers and intercepted the American drone in international waters. Why do they provoke a direct clash with US forces? Maybe the ayatollahs want to draw their only ally Putin into the war with the USA? But this will mean a world war! Why do the Ayatollahs want such a war? It seems that the US sanctions are really threatening the Ayatollahs’ power, and a wounded beas
  3. Over the past 30 years, several attempts have been made to an Israeli-Arab settlement. So, the government of Yitzhak Shamir took part in the Madrid Conference in 1991 and tried to resolve differences with the Arabs on the basis of the Jordan-Palestinian version of the solution of the Palestinian issue. At the request of Shamir, the PLO delegation was included in the joint Jordanian-Palestinian delegation. In fact, the Jordanian-Palestinian solution was proposed by Lord Peel’s commission back in 1937, and a moderate Palestinian party, headed by the Nashashibi family, agreed to such
  4. Our minister for strategic issues, Yuval Steinitz, warns that we must get ready for massive rocket attacks on Israel. It turns out that the one thousand rockets that the Palestinians have already fired at Israel are simply flowers, while the berries are waiting for us ahead. This time, the Iranian ayatollahs and their poodles, that is, Hamas, Nasrallah and Assad, threaten us. Russia stands behind them. And why are we threatened at all? Because of the fact that the Iranians provoke a war in the Persian Gulf against the United States and their Arab allies? In fact, they are blackmai
  5. “Children of Abraham in the era of the genome: the main populations of the Jewish diaspora consist of separate genetic clusters with a common Middle Eastern origin” (Atzmon et al, 2010) Today, this work is the most comprehensive and thorough of all scientific studies on the genetics of the Jews. Therefore, I will base my conclusions primarily on this study. But then I will introduce amendments in the light of newer studies on DNA genealogy. The authors compared the genetics of the following Jewish and non-Jewish populations: The Jews of Iran, The Jews of Iraq, The Syrian Jews, Ashken
  6. AHED TAMIMI 1.No, I will not resent once again why this not-too-honest girl is building her career due to fabricating anti-Semitic lies. And that her dirty work makes a big contribution to the income of her family. «Fried» anti-Semitic fabrications are in great demand among the media of all sorts, and particularly among anti-Semitic politicians like the Islamic Nazi Erdogan. The latter invited the girl and praised her in front of the TV cameras. Ahed Tamimi differs from many other Palestinian youngsters only since she is a more talented artist than other Palestinian children. Her blon
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