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Found 5 results

  1. A 15-minute home-based test without a PCR test will tell you if you have been infected with the coronavirus. This is a system approved even by the USA government. See More
  2. Our minister for strategic issues, Yuval Steinitz, warns that we must get ready for massive rocket attacks on Israel. It turns out that the one thousand rockets that the Palestinians have already fired at Israel are simply flowers, while the berries are waiting for us ahead. This time, the Iranian ayatollahs and their poodles, that is, Hamas, Nasrallah and Assad, threaten us. Russia stands behind them. And why are we threatened at all? Because of the fact that the Iranians provoke a war in the Persian Gulf against the United States and their Arab allies? In fact, they are blackmai
  3. 1.Natalie Portman explained to the entire world her «skip» of the ceremony of handing her Israeli award Genesis: https://twitter.com/search?q=%22Natalie%20Portman%22&src=tren In fact, She gave as many as three explanations. Firstly, because of the Israeli representative criticized her attitude towards the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Actually, this is not a reason. If Natalie has the right to criticize the government and the people of Israel for allegedly misconduct against the Palestinians, why does not the representative of the Israeli government have the right to criticize Natal
  4. The formerly top-secret document that is the basis of this thread is viewable at the link below. What you just may need to know when interpreting current events. From this May 23, 2017 piece that is relevant to the bleeping "witch hunt" that is being conducted (special prosecutor) in US politics that might result in the wrong people being ... we shall see. One such thing is the impeachment of a US President.
  5. Could this lead to a WW3, especially Trump got elected and he declared that he will bomb all Muslims and will Iran take his statement seriously to attack first??? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQkx7_Ar8qA There are signs that Iran may be working toward an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) strike on the United States.“Once Iran has a nuclear weapon, they are ready to launch an EMP attack against us,” former CIA director James Woolsey told For the Record. "I think they have conducted launches of satellites of the type that you, and in the direction you would want for an EMP attack."In addition to t
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