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Found 11 results

  1. The information in the information paradox is the variables that mathematical projections are using to describe the object; mass, color, density, structure, position, velocity and number of "atoms". The holographic principle appears to have sub layers per object solution ..not just large volumes of space. Every object has its own mathematical object associated with it. Entanglement is when multiple quantum waves use the same complex mathematical object. All quantum behavior is using complex numbers with uncertainty. The holographic principle is based on the projection of mathematical o
  2. If incoherent time gets more and more coherent as it travels away from a black hole, does it mean dark matter cannot use coherent time? Anything physical in this reality apparently requires incoherent time/entropy. A black hole is what generates entropy that shreds up time waves to be incoherent. Golden ratio * X²⁺ⁿ / Pi Coherent light doesn’t cause particles to decohere ..so Coherent time doesn’t either. spatial (holographic) + incoherent or coherent time = the spacetime fabric Maxwell might show me how to make a coherent time field that has incoherent waves propagating in i
  3. Special Relativity states that all things exist relative to one another and so no true fixed points can exist or at the very least be found. I feel this can be contradicted when looking at space-time singularities. A space-time singularity being a point at which the gravitational pull becomes infinite (or pseudo-infinite), if this is true then wouldn't the fabric of space-time be fixed around that point, any movement of the singularity would then be directly expressed by the fabric of space-time and vice-versa. This would then be a "fixed-point", unfortunately this would only be useful if th
  4. https://physics.stackexchange.com/questions/472292/rotation-curves-as-a-local-effect-of-typical-spiral-galaxies Some people here wanted to see the evidence, here you can read up on this investigation.
  5. All you need to know about black holes to understand these is that no object can ever reach the event horizon of a black hole from a distance, an object falling towards the event horizon becomes increasingly time dilated and length contracted but never reaches the horizon. 1). Given that no amount of time is enough for an object to reach the event horizon of a black hole from the perspective of an observer at a distance, can we accurately say from the perspective of an object falling towards a black hole that an infinite amount of time must pass on the watch of a more distant observer from t
  6. Thread Hijacked By Moronium's And Ralfcis' Absurd - Can't change the topic title to this or delete it unfortunately. See here for the real topic: Three Air Tight Reasons Why No Object Can Ever Reach An Event Horizon This thread mainly contains: Ralfcis thinking that length contraction isn't real because objects aren't thinner after being in relative motion. :) Ralfcis thinking that without length contraction time dilation would be the same and the speed of light would still be constant. Moronium thinking that he's capable of understanding SR. Moronium thinking that his lack of understanding
  7. The Unified Theory Of Relativity A unified description of acceleration that doesn't distinguish between straight geodesic worldlines in curved spacetime and curved worldlines in flat spacetime, thereby simplifying and unifying the special and the general theories of relativity. Summary Special relativity describes acceleration as objects following curved paths through flat spacetime while general relativity describes acceleration as objects following straight paths through flat space time but these are entirely interchangable and equivalent because the curvature of spacetime can only ever be
  8. Or at least show me what part seems wrong to you. please. May i ask your opinon on another thing. it is about black hole and dark matter. How i see a black hoel and galaxy around it all galaxy objects like asteroind, planets stars have a layer like stracture.Most likely black hole too. As i see it lairs is 1C-2C-3C-4C-5C-6C divided be speed of light (particles found in big colider most like particles from first lair, they stable there, stable at high speed/pressure),the deeper the heavier. (lairs example-lie earth or sun lairs havier to center push lighter up top) Particles constantly fusion
  9. What equation determines when a black hole forms? In other words, how much would I need to compress a certain amount of mass for it to form a black hole. Please put it in ways I can understand as I know only the very basics of black holes. I have found some equations, but for the life of me could not understand them. Thank You.
  10. The Quantum Cosmology Inverse Theory Juan (Jay) Sadie AbstractThis theory postulates an inverse way to look at what is large and what is small. When we talk about quantum mechanics we automatically presume that things are smaller at this level. What this theory proposes is that as we drill down into the quantum level we are actually moving towards the infinitely large. As we get down to the atomic and sub-atomic levels things begin to get very strange. Particles pop in and out of existence. They seem to be in more than one place at the same time. They seem to interact by means of entanglemen
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