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  1. I recently purchased the book and though I have yet to read it, I fully intend on doing so. I got his book merely to see how others were veiwing the "new" athiests and get a feel for whatever they could throw at us. I've been hearing a lot about "good" and "bad" athiests and to be quite honest I don't know what would qualify for a "bad" one. I'm an athiest, one quite concerned about how religions lies distort the world and undermine society. People turn to religion for moral and ethic value when society should have done that in the first place, therefore furthering the lies. I guess I nee
  2. Congratulations! Although I have not been here long, I'm sure that you have done a magnificent job and shall continue to do so. Best of luck
  3. I'd have to say this "force" could go either way- perhaps it IS measurable by science and we just haven't found it with our current senses/scientific hardware or it just be that it isn't humanly possible to understand/even know of this. I'd say anything is possible as well, although I'd much rather see a creational "force" be determined by science (certainly not religion) and (possibly Grand Unified Theory?) so that we may come to better understand everything that is. :) Guess we'll have to wait and find out
  4. After reviewing most of the posted links and info (amazing finds, thanks guys :phones:) my belief in Evolution has never been stronger, the evidence overwhelmingly supports it beyond a doubt. However... Something keeps nagging me. Perhaps I'm a tad too curious for my own good, but does it seem reasonable that Evolution in itself, the Universe in all its splendor, and all of this existance that we know as human beings could have been produced by a force unrecognizable by science? I'm not talking about the modern God of todays religions, perhaps I mean a God that is merely a creator of exi
  5. Genetics, my dear, I have a strong feeling you haven't done as I asked and researched the topic thoroughly. Go to my recent thread titled Arguing Against Intelligent Design and click on the link to the NOVA video. It explains many things in detail...you be "enlightened" :phones:
  6. Wonderous, thanks Infinite, your quite the gold-mine finder :phones:
  7. Comets...either I'm missing the big joke or I seriously don't understand how comets could start life. Please go into further detail :phones:
  8. Reason, your post below is a magnificent display of science at its best :phones: kudos my friend. On a side note... I fully believe in Evolution and its process....but I have very little knowledge concerning how life ever came to be on the planet in the first place. Can anyone ellaborate?
  9. Recently, a friend of mine (a devout christian) started making various analogies and examples for Intelligent Design that I found insightful, intriguing, and down-right...dare I say adventurous. They went like this- 1. All buildings have a builder. 2. All cars have a maker. 3. All paintings have a painter. So, all humans must have a designer, and so must the world? This was my friends arguement. At first I told him/her that they were using artificial objects as comparison, therefore, of course they are man-made and designed. I then referred to nature and animals, the way grass grows,
  10. I understand your point. I too find these forums informative, and actually, quite relaxing to find others with many viewpoints that are my own. Let's drop the topic, for this threads original question has been thoroughly answered (i started it as it may be) and i believe we should move on. As long as ppl are subscribed to this thread, let me pose a new question. It would seem that many of us here (with the exception of a very small amount) believe that Evolution holds enough evidence for us to find it true. Kids today are being taught in classrooms throughout the nation the idea of Evolut
  11. I wanna jump on in this for a sec...for the past, i dunno, couple of posts theres been bickering about "clarifying" thunderbirds apparent comment. Eco and Thunder...STOP BICKERING :lol: geez you'd think we were dealing with little kids. This is a FORUM where debate is encouraged but you two are taking it a tad far. Please stop the nonsense ok? Let's talk science ;)
  12. Oh Brinnie...:lol: I have only one thing to say...you've come to a science forum...aka a place where knowledgable people come to dicuss scientific and world events. Notice the keyword "scientific"...not "scientology". The people at Hypography are far from "critics" as you call them. I take this kinda personally as offensive merely because you haven't been a member for long and you are already firing away at the very people you asked your question to. Not a good choice my dear... If you would like to discuss Scientology I would suggest it be elsewhere than a science forum, as all of us (I
  13. First off, Evolution is atheory, therefore it cannot be "proved. Secondly, why are you asking to "prove" such a thing to a scientologist? As far as I'm concerned, if they believe in the non-sense that I hear, then trying to "prove" such athing would be impossible for those nut-jobs :) Third, you're asking for skulls and locations ect. Such things will do you no good. I would suggest instead of asking for pointless skulls and things that won't help you, that ya study Evolution using the various links and suggestions on this site while also getting more details from a library or authenticat
  14. 1. Mos def Yes 2. Because creationism has zero credibility and evolution has more of an abundance of evidence than most people give it credit for...aka look at all the posts below mine :)
  15. Hey, what it do Gazz. Welcome to the site, hope ya find it to your liking. I'm a partial newby here as well :) Just wanted to say hey!
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