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  1. The root cause of all problems is slavery in the USA. That's where it all went wrong and we are suffering the after effects to this day. Here is the reasoning: The closer the representative gvt is to people, the more fair it is. Thus the smaller the governed unit, like neighborhood, village, city, the more fair the govt is because it better connects with, and represents the will of the people; the less it deals with and thus there is less at risk, it also poses a lesser threat. To that end confederacy in the USA is the right system--it is closer to people, there is less risk of abuse, t
  2. I'll critique a few things: Let's start with preface title: Preface should not have a title. But if you are going to give a title, it should be the ultimate synopsis of the book or the title of the book. The title of the preface is also weak because it asks something that everyone knows an answer to and you do not, so why would you dare write about it? ( I did not yet read the whole thing, but if the goal of the book is to present what some other people have done who had control over and influence on the quality of their life, then I suppose that title is OK. However that does not se
  3. I think i just plagiarized someone. (oops again.)
  4. One of the most fantastic things about pseudoscience is that it can not be disproven by science, but by experience, because pseudoscience does not use accepted physics. That is just wonderful.
  5. Florida Lottery winners cannot remain anonymous. Florida law mandates that the Florida Lottery provide the winner’s name, city of residence, game won, date won and amount won to any third party who requests the information; however Florida Lottery winners' home addresses and telephone numbers are confidential. http://flalottery.com/inet/aboutus-questionsMain.do#Q17 B)
  6. You can't just say it should be "this" because you feel like it. Invluntary manslaughter is "unintentional" but still illegal murder. The dude in your story intended to kill whoever came in to the house, with no regard as to whether it was reasonable to use deadly force, or whether someone was simply seeking shelter from a hurricane, or was indeed a petty thief. It was a murder, intentional. Now, a prosecutor could ask for "voluntary" manslaughter, since the act was intentional, and the jury would have to decide that being robbed repeatedly is a mitigating factor, or even justification,
  7. Very good Modest! So we both agree that a definition along those lines could force reasoning, and we could independently judge whether the result is valid and true. But you are more sceptical than I am of whether the result would be just; or, you are more reserved than I am about trusting the reasoning power of some. So you maybe unwilling to put the power of judgment in people's hands. That is a fundamental disagrement, and I have to disagree with the scepticism. For one, someone has to decide, and then the question becomes who and how. It's always people, but which people? The answe
  8. Modest, I agree, I made a mistake. I was talking about the "demarcation" in the first paragraph and then I made a leap to somenthing else in the second paragraph. But I still maintain, for morality polling is the legitimate process. And for "demaracation" of physics, the same thing should apply, maybe only physicists should be polled. It's one process we can rely on, and in absence of a more valid process, polling should be relied on.
  9. Contraction in number of governments is one way, either reducing the superior or inferior governments.
  10. This is the correct answer. Gotta stop the insanity, weather modifications, chemtrails, population control, all that nonsense has got to stop.
  11. If we talk about mere definition of physics, which you are refering to above, then I certainly think that the definition can be objective and subjective. But what is that? We say that an objective or subjective definition as claimed is not valid because it is not capable of objective, independent, logical, empirical proof. In this sense, objective/subjective classification is meaningless because the inquiry is whether the claim is valid or invalid. But then, once a definition is determined valid, then the question is whether it is true--whether it is consistent with evidence. Then we can
  12. Morality imo seeks to provide answers about security and comfort of a man, or people--whether something advances the interest of security or comfort. To the extent that each of us has an opinion or a feeling on what that is, morality is subjective. To the extent that we poll opinions on those subjects, morality is objective. (That which advances it being good, and that which does not being bad.)
  13. I hope so. Europe is mess. The founders ran away from there with a good reason. Europe is the cradle of singlemindedness. And now with Germans running the show, global situation is in danger. Yup that's bad politics, mostly border disputes. In other words, self determination of a people is rarely in question, since everyone wants to at least be perceived democratic. But nations militarily enforce borders which conflict with the will of the people within the borders. It has not happened yet where a referendum for independence was held county-wise and borders enforced based
  14. It's feasible and doable. I don't know if this particular text is good enough, but the idea is good enough to attract fair amount of support from individuals. (unions are a different game.) The problem as always is finding the solution that works money wise. If this is to be legislated, there has to be an acceptable alternative to get the election information out through media, otherwise if fundraising is limited the elections suffer. This petition seems to be aimed at compaign contributions mostly, which is really not the heart of the problem. the real problem is the spending and lobb
  15. Nazism is on the rise in central east Europe again. Russia is investing heavily in military again, they are surrounded by NATO and feeling pressure. China is feeling pressure too. They are investing in military, navy to protect themselves farther from the shores of Hong Kong. NATO's conquering oil countries on the south of Russia, which is something Hitler tried to do to secure oil supply for the mechanization. There is talk of "preemptive" strikes between Israel and Iran, in other words bombing because I fear--it's madness. There is very little decency in Western policy lately and the
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