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    pamela got a reaction from Pyrotex in Photography Thread   
    seems like the closer you get the more beautiful the flower is
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    pamela got a reaction from Turtle in Favorite Quotes   
    Personally, I like two types of men - domestic and foreign.
    mae west
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    pamela got a reaction from Moontanman in Proof Of God   
    long time since i argued religion, especially christianity, so hows 'bout a little devils advocate for some good times.
    okay pal, lets take a look at your whole chip theory-doesn't make sense really. So if this antichrist was out to get people under his sway, then why would he make the chip so obvious? i mean seriously, about a bazillion religious types out there got this OMG chip thing in their head. So yeah, they would avoid it like the plague. I thought this cat was some great deceiver? Seems like if he was going for the elect of the almighty he might go for something a little more subtle. Something so inconsequential that it might be overlooked. How's about something cool like an injection. Picture this- biological terrorist attack with anthrax. the government or your UN if you prefer states you better get this special vaccination or you're toast. So yeah, the multitudes line up get the injection and bam they are saved. But unbeknownst to them, its a mix with recombinate DNA of of the big nasty dude and now they all got him inside them so to speak,living in their blood. scary times. Can't chop the head or hand off to get rid of that sign can you now.
    ok all silliness aside- what makes you angel- and i seriously have an issue with that name- make you think that you have some sort of right to interpret some old religious text and flaunt your viewpoint on a science forum? You cannot give proof of god- there simply isn't any. Your text requires faith not evidence- so hang it up pal- we don't go for proselytizing around here.
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    pamela got a reaction from phision in Sigma 5 But Not Here!   
    i havent seen any peer reviews only media hype-until i can see some data this may as well be another loose cord type situation
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    pamela got a reaction from Qfwfq in Is religion a memetic disease?   
    Seriously folks, its a matter of choice. You can believe and therefore act upon those beliefs. You can get tied up in groupthink and run a muck as a mob. Anyone can use any justification to kill- doesnt have to be religion. The bottom line out is,the choice of the individual.The indoctrinated children of today are the killers of tomorrow. You can bemoan religion until you are wormfood, but the masses seem to gravitate towards it. Whether that be as a result of fear, or needing a hope or simply an unstable mind. Point is, religion has been here for a long time now and its not going to go away any time soon
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    pamela reacted to sonyagreen in Iced Anunnakis In Russian Caves   
    Hi guys!
    The theme about anunnakis is recently discussed. it's interesting to know your position in it. Do you believe in anunnakis?
    As you may already know the Earth is a hollow planet, but did you ever questioned what is inside there? Probably you did, but could not find enough reliable information. Nevertheless, the life underneath the earth's crust is in full swing. Thousands of underground cities were secretly built, while you were busy at your work and house. What are those cities for? Houses, offices, secret laboratories for those whom we, as regular people, are not suppose to see. Are we being fooled, controlled and manipulated exactly by those people? Yes we are. We call them Anunnnaki, Illuminati, founders of the NWO.
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    pamela got a reaction from DFINITLYDISTRUBD in Religious Attitudes To Homosexuality   
    Fear and hatred come from all sources from militant atheism to religiosity......
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    pamela reacted to bravox in Religious Attitudes To Homosexuality   
    That is because I don't believe it, I just presented it to see what counter-arguments could be raised. I've seen them now. No more to say.
    (PS: apparently some people felt offended by my posts. No harm was intended but it's probably too late to apologize :( )
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    pamela got a reaction from phision in What Travels Faster Than What?   
    My link
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    pamela reacted to Boucka in Quality Jokes and Humor   
    A London lawyer runs a stop sign and gets pulled over by a Glasgow copper.
    He thinks that he is smarter than the cop because he is a lawyer from LONDON and is certain that he has a better education then any Jock cop.
    He decides to prove this to himself and have some fun at the Glasgow cops expense!!
    Glasgow cop says, "Licence and registration, please."
    London Lawyer says, "What for?"
    Glasgow cop says, "Ye didnae come to a complete stop at the stop sign."
    London Lawyer says, "I slowed down, and no one was coming."
    Glasgow cop says, "Ye still didnae come to a complete stop. Licence and registration, please"
    London Lawyer says, "What's the difference?"
    Glasgow cop says, "The difference is, ye huvte come to complete stop, that's the law, Licence and registration, please!"
    London Lawyer says, "If you can show me the legal difference between slow down and stop, I'll give you my licence and registration and you give me the ticket. If not, you let me go and don't give me the ticket."
    Glasgow cop says, "Sounds fair. Exit your vehicle, sir."
    The London Lawyer exits his vehicle.
    The Glasgow cop takes out his baton and starts beating the living sh*t out of the lawyer and says, "Dae ye want me to stop, or just slow doon?"
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    pamela got a reaction from Turtle in Fungi & Lichens   
    False Turkey Tail Fungus (Stereum ostrea)
    one identified 10 to go. Had a great hike yesterday in Hanging Rock State Park
    here is a lovely and yes DD, a tasty looking one :P
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    pamela got a reaction from freeztar in Fungi & Lichens   
    this is looking mighty tasty :P
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    pamela got a reaction from freeztar in Fungi & Lichens   
    i loves me some lichen :)
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    pamela got a reaction from Turtle in Fungi & Lichens   
    this is looking mighty tasty :P
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    pamela reacted to Turtle in Favorite Quotes   
    if i were playing third base and my mother were rounding third with the run that was going to beat us, i'd trip her. oh, i'd pick her up and brush her off and say, "sorry, mom," but nobody beats me.” ~ leo durocher
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    pamela got a reaction from JMJones0424 in Wildflowers   
    star magnolia bud
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    pamela got a reaction from Turtle in Wildflowers   
    purple deadnettle- thanks turtle :)
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    pamela got a reaction from Tormod in Hypo Security Seems Lacking   
    we require and demand back up- you know this. We allow time for the posters to do that- some try and some leave. But we are not gonna censor the topic unless its spam. We reserve the right to free speech here even if its pseudoscience. Our job is to debunk it. So debunk, moontanman
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    pamela got a reaction from Qfwfq in Hypo Security Seems Lacking   
    I am not trying to silence you, i am only asking that you contribute more content to your posts instead of drive by humour
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    pamela reacted to noexpert in The Theory Of Devolution   
    JMJones, I acknowledge your statement and as you are correct, I apologize for my incorrect terminology.
    Uplift, I would indeed define life as what living things do, as a very (very) broad definition. When using this definition, we must think, "what is it that scientists do?" In defining what scientist do we define science. Just like with life, "what is it that all living things do? What is it that they have in common?" This is where we get a definition of life.
    As far as thought experiments go, I don't know if I would call them science, maybe more along the line of philosophy of science, but not science in and of themselves.
    Also, I am neither supporting nor denying (verbally) anything JudgeDAR said, simply interested in finding more about what he thinks. I enjoy learning about all things, even things that I find incredulous. Like Eclogite would tell us, An open mind is more about accepting nothing, than about accepting anything.
    With our ideas being so drastically different where God is concerned, I move that we join SV and the Doctor and take up the peace pipe. :D
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    pamela reacted to sigurdV in Posts with "NANO" in them   
    Why not expand your story? Ill wait. (Somewhere else.)
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    pamela got a reaction from coldcreation in Favorite Quotes   
    Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined
    Henry David Thoreau
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    pamela reacted to coldcreation in Ancient Indigenous Tribe Narrates Identity Of All Tribes In The World Originated From Cibolan In Davao   
    The statues could not have existed long before his subjects arrived to settle the island.
    Estimated dates of initial settlement of Easter Island ranges between 300 to 1200 CE, coinciding with the arrival of the first settlers in Hawaii. The statues were carved from 1100–1680 CE, according to rectified radio-carbon dates.
    (Source, Hunt, T. L.; Lipo, CP (2006). "Late Colonization of Easter Island". Science 311 (5767): 1603–6. doi:10.1126/science.1121879. PMID 16527931. And Hunt, Terry; Lipo, Carl (2011). The Statues that Walked: Unraveling the Mystery of Easter Island. Free Press. ISBN 1-43915031-1.)
    The statues were carved by the Polynesian colonizers of the island, primarily between 1250 CE and 1500 CE. Completed statues were moved to ahu mostly on the coast. They were subsequently erected with red stone cylinders (pukao) on their heads. The actual carving of each statue certainly require tremendous effort and resources. The island was treeless by the time the Europeans first visited, thus the movement of the statues remained a mystery. Since then, pollen analysis has established that the island was almost totally forested until 1200 CE. The tree pollen disappeared from the record by 1650, around the same time the statues stopped being made.
    The quarries and stone tools seem to have been abandoned abruptly, leaving many completed sculptures outside the quarry awaiting transport and almost as many incomplete statues still in the quarries. During the nineteenth century this led to conjecture that the island was the remnant of a sunken continent and that most completed moai were under the sea.
    That idea has long been debunked.
    It is now understood that some statues were rock carvings never intended to be completed. Some were incomplete because inclusions (imperfections or lumps of hard rock) were encountered; in that case the carvers would abandon a partial statue and start a new one. Some completed statues were meant to remain at Rano Raraku. Some were simply incomplete when the sculpture-building came to an end (circa 1500-1650 CE).
    (Source, Steven R Fischer. The island at the end of the world. Reaktion Books 2005 ISBN1 86189 282 9. And, Katherine Routledge (1919) The Mystery of Easter Island ISBN 0-932813-48-8 pages 181-186)
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    pamela reacted to coldcreation in Favorite Quotes   
    A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.
    ~John Lennon
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    pamela got a reaction from coldcreation in Favorite Quotes   
    The pen is mightier than the sword if the sword is very short, and the pen is very sharp.
    Terry Pratchett
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