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  1. William, I find it hard to believe that you subscribe to those proverbs. You have been extremely verbal as well as proselytizing on almost every thread that you have posted on. We will always find what we choose to see, whether in tea leaves, books or even a doctors diagnosis. Facts form our reality, not theories. Prove yours. As far as Nostradamus is concerned,he may as well be a "prophet" of doom. Who needs it! Want a Prophet? Take a look at what Da Vinci put down on paper.But truth of the matter is,he was not a prophet, he just simply opened his mind to science.
  2. hi William, I think you missed my joke. Every age has a hailed prophet of some sort, depending on their beliefs. You could be a prophet under the Royal Religion of Honey for all I know, and I just a drone. I think it wise not to get caught up in all the hype of prophets and predictions, too many religious sects have gone to their untimely graves based upon such ideas. We are here and now, and some of us may have seen a tear in the fabric, but today is all we have. I cannot predict whether i will live or die tomorrow, but i will certainly make my today worthwhile
  3. I agree with your predictions Moontanman, but have one to add within the next 5 years, our economy will fall into another Depression History often times repeats itself as far as your comments William, I wish i had a dollar for every time a "prophet" was announced to come in the past hundred years- i could save the economy Pamela
  4. I appreciate your comments, although there is nothing to apologize for. Life is what it is...When I think back to holding that infant in a full blown statis seizure, I thought his life was ending as well as mine. We survived. The things I have learned thru him, I could never have learned elsewhere, if our lives had been "normal". Yes, we may laugh at "pam i am and i do not like green eggs and ham" on his first grade reading level. But, you wanna know how cool it is, when he asks to build a spectrometer this weekend, because he gets it... This game as it were put, has been a fun one, and I wil
  5. I never think it wise to judge another person, as we really don't know who they are. The action should most certainly be judged, especially in crime.Life is not a game in any respect, it is an opportunity to live, breathe, laugh, love, learn and give. My 12 year old son suffers from seizure disorder. The school system deems him educably mentally disabled. Shall he learn to the best of his ability to become a winner? I think not. First of all, the labeling system has got to go. A type of judgement that would most certainly stop this or any child from striving to learn. His ability is infinite,
  6. my apologies as well, Rebeca, look forward to your input in the forums in the future, Tormod, I will keep the intros relatively simple;) Pamela
  7. having an open mind, is certainly a must in science as well as in the interactions between humans. i could not, would not, be anything other than open to your opinion. as far as gravity being simple, it is one of the more "lighter" of the the theories currently moving thru my brain, and yes, every pun intended. how fortunate for you to have surrounded yourself with people who have an understanding, however, my response to your last line would have been- " Time is a man made unit of measure" but ofcourse, that would open a proverbial can of worms Pamela
  8. hmmmnn, Alexander, why do you suppose that is with most females? the doors to discussion have been slammed in my face at the mere mention of something so simple as gravity. I have found only a few males to even entertain new ideas or theories with, and for that I am grateful. Pamela
  9. it is impossible to step outside the box, when one is in the sphere
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