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  1. youre killing me dd..ya know i had to move to roanoke- truck died- had to buy a new car-oldest kid is squatting in GSO-and well i travel for a living now-life is total chaos- but yeah i miss you too :)

  2. hiya michael, how goes it?

  3. ugh 50...thank god i only look 40 :P

  4. hanging in there i reckon. trying to catch a slight buzz to ease this age milestone- where the hell did my youth go?

  5. omg we are on at the same time!!! woo hoo!

  6. you always make me smile even in my darkest hours- love ya :)

  7. know what i like about you? you are and always will be a nut! :)

  8. aahh a moment of sanity in my insane world :) How you been faring?

  9. Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former.... a. einstein

  10. fricken forever :( i miss you...

  11. happy birthday duck!!!!

  12. nice collection on the swamp- what camera are you using?

  13. you know, i quit watching it because it got so far out there. But i did see an episode recently and i reckon i was as lost as you :P

  14. i hope all is well

  15. what was that a binge and a hangover? lol

  16. that joke cracked me up :)

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