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  1. you answered it thank you sorry nevermind
  2. so if photons created a certain pattern and vibrated enough of the chemical element oxygen in the same exact way a mouth would produce hello; could it produce a hello? If someone was standing close enough to hear it?
  3. All you technically need is to move a certain number of photons into a cluster of oxygen in a certain pattern to make sound? Could you use an old school mirror boxes to redirect photons from stars to send hidden messages throught out the universe?
  4. Since light produces vibrations can you program photons to produce vibrations on molecules; like that of a vhocal boxed paired with the mouth and tongue to produce vibrations on oxygen. Can you invent something that could produce words somewhere in the environment at any given time; anywhere around the world...unlike something like a phone.
  5. Also, wouldn't that mean every element affected by the sun gravity eventually make it to the sun. In return solar flares that hit earth would deposit elements and it neutrons in our environment that might not be found on earth?
  6. Well answer this than. If the sun is a dieing star would adding key elements that are found in newly formed stars given enough time that those elements could produce it's isotopes would that give it new life? If so, would all the materials that the sun has absorbed give it new life being that they weren't detrimental.
  7. Your saying 2 only exists because of one plus one. It's like creating the future by only what a handful of people know. Solar flares don't exist because Earth's atmosphere heats up.
  8. You think the elements the sun are made of are like giants lol. Not they're the same size on earth. A solar flare it a reaction cuased by elements and forces of nature. If you half particles of then sun in a smaller dose it can be done. North Korea just built something that they were attempting to reach the temperature of the sun here on earth. You don't need the whole of the sun to make a fraction of it's solar flare. A solar flare has composition it's not the Earth's atmosphere heating up
  9. Not everything is only it's whole
  10. Can't we control the amount of atoms in materials? Certain components literally list how many atoms from which element it consists of. America might not do it but I know for a fact china does.
  11. Your saying it's not possible to scale it down?
  12. Is conception just a chemical reaction of plasma fertilizing the womb; protected by two consciousness? Again being affected by Earth's rotation and being affected by the polarization of of thought more then just Earth's magnetic field?
  13. To be free of gravity on earth you would have to be free from Earth's rotation and not be affected by Earth's magnetic fields considering every element has electrons and protons. There for they would be polarized. If you were free from Earth's gravity you would just witness earth rotating so fast you would be hit be a mountain, a tree, or a building. For ever stuck to just witness how fast earth really does rotate before a crash landing.
  14. Are elements with the shortest half life and stable isotopes more rare then is thought. They provide the environment with neutrons and a supply of electrons and protons. Like they say disrupt the food chain and it will fail. If we use elements such as lithium and hydrogen is such vast amount will the future be nothing but the atmosphere being to polluted with more radioactive isotopes than stable ones. What then imagine coming to that point before it's to late and only having ideas on how to dilute the problem.
  15. If you take every element of the sun and plasma(not sure if this is a chemical element haven't researched it) and start the right convergence; such as adding one element to another and sinchronizing the correct order of decay to bring life to the the elements isotopes and add the correct pressure such as dropping it from a high enough altitude would this create a solar flare on Earth?
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