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  1. It seems I have my replies, mixed with other replies. I am not sure where to place or continue. My apologies.
  2. I understand your reasoning and agree. What bothers me the BH bang works in that pattern as you explained since one has not witness it in action. Assuming the BH is in a cone shape, or flat one dimensional depending which side the observer is viewing, whether the so called front is the same on the back or other. I need to stop now as there things I need to do and will return sometime tomorrow. To be continued.
  3. Wish to close further post on Venus, it appears my story is not clear enough on explaining some other idea starting with the black hole. Thank for your replies.
  4. Traveling further into the center of the black hole the intense energy created by the compression of mass would be a sight for human eyes if it were possible to understand what is taking place. Imagine the mass of planets reduced to energy hotter then the sun, until it burst with a force greater then the compressed state. So what now? the mass expands outward in all directions with clusters that will gather into so called planets, balls of extreme energy, but wait the outward direction is horizontal not in all directions. Space as it is called has other numerous forces with energy capacitie
  5. Liked this reply. thank you. Adding further to the "Venus" soon.
  6. Supposing Venus orbit was further from the sun then it's present orbit sometime after the big bang, found it's orbit in the same position as the earth's, would the same conditions as found on earth be found on Venus? more on this thought later.
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